Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Best Morticulturalist Pet Build Guide

This is one of the best Borderland additions. Thanks to the same gameplay mechanics, this is a new way of interacting with the Borderlands Universe, but with a refreshed approach. However, taking the looter shooter formula from Borderlands, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes on a fantastic fantasy twist.

It is a fortunate thing that this tabletop-inspired explosion-fest continues to shine thanks to the excellent writing, entertaining performances, and humorous combat brightly. In this game, there are many interesting things available that you can do, and one of them is to get a pet for you.

However, that is why we are here with this guide to help you get the best Morticulturalist Pet to build on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Therefore, if you have been waiting for such a guide that will let you get the Morticulturalist Pet for the past couple of days, follow this guide until the end to know how to do this.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Best Morticulturalist Pet Build Guide

Best Morticulturalist Pet Build Guide

The Graveborn and Spore Warden classes provide powerful companions in this build, which allow them to deal enormous damage and provide other helpful secondary effects. This build additionally uses a series of Kill Skills to give a temporary ally in the form of Dark Hydras and buffs on spells.

However, if you don’t know the interesting fact about this build, then the skills that this build has are Kindred Heart (Spore Warden Tier 1), Harvest (Graveborn Tier 2), and Faith Thralls (Graveborn Tier 1). Well, these skills are very crucial as they provide the ability to attack and defend the power of Demi-Lich and Mushroom Companions. This will also provide them the power to deal with heavy damage while drawing enemy fire.

Meanwhile, Harvest is for health recovery; it allows these companions to recover some health while in the fight through dark magic.

Medicinal Mushroom (Spore Warden Tier 3)and Spore Cloud (Spore Warden Tier 2) will let the Mushroom companion frighten enemies with its poisonous cloud. Moreover, it also turns it into a fantastic support pet capable of frightening enemies with poisonous clouds and reviving the Fatemaker when it enters Save Your Soul mode.

Medicinal Mushroom

However, holding Dread Covenant (Graveborn Tier 3) and Punishment (Graveborn Tier 4) helps the Fatemaker by taking damage on their behalf while dishing out extra elemental damage every now and then.

In this build, spells are also emphasized. Morticulturalists can dish out tons of elemental damage and recharge their spells more quickly due to skills like Blast Gasp (Graveborn Tier 5) and Essence Drain (Graveborn Tier 1).

While the Spore Warden Tier 4 ability Thrill of the Hunt also improves companion damage and the Spore Warden Tier 3, ability Quiver of Holding ensures the Fatemaker never runs out of ammo. Taking shots at enemies is an efficient way to deal damage, and you can apply the Thrill of the Hunt buff to every shot you take by aiming for critical zones.

Bullseye also improves the survivability of Fatemakers on the off-chance something gets past their companions and attacks them. Mortal Vessel (Graveborn Tier 1) is useful for maintaining the Thrill of the Hunt buff and strengthening pets.

As a final addition to the chaos, Dark Hydra (Graveborn Tier 3) spawns a Hydra whenever an enemy is killed, which gives you a 60% chance of spawning more Hydra simultaneously. However, keep in mind that after spitting a burst of dark magic at nearby enemies for 10 seconds, Dark Hydra will vanish. Now, let’s move further on our topic, i.e., Morticulturalist Pet to build!

Stats (Failed Monk)

  • Strength: 20
  • Wisdom: 16
  • Intelligence: 30
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Attunement: 10
  • Constitution: 20

Skills & Points Required

#1. Graveborn Skills- 26 Points Needed:

Graveborn Skills

Tier 1 Faithful Thralls (3/3) Companion gets 9% bonus damage per companion. It also boosts the respawn rate by 45%, allowing both Mushroom and Demi-Lich to live for much longer.
Tier 1 Mortal Vessel (5/5) Increased health and dark magic efficiency by 15%, improving the endurance and life drain of the Fatemaker.
Tier 1 Essence Drain (5/5) Whenever an enemy is killed, you’ll get a long-term 25% boost in Spell Cooldown Speed. 
Tier 2 Harvest (3/3) When an enemy is killed for 12 seconds, Companions receive an additional 9% dark magic damage bonus, stacking twice for a total of 18% extra dark magic damage.
Tier 3 Dark Hydra (3/3) A 60% chance exists that a Dark Hydra will spawn after killing an enemy. Dark Hydras shoot dark element projectiles for 10 seconds at nearby enemies.
Tier 3 Dread Covenant (1/1) Allows the Fatemaker’s Demilich companion to take a fatal blow for their Fatemaker and directs 35% of the Fatemaker’s damage to the companion. Deathmaker gets 75% of their health back but dies when they do, and the effect lasts for 120 seconds.
Tier 4 Punishment (1/1) There is a 20% chance of the Demi-Lich immediately using Hellish Blast again after using Hellish Blast.
Tier 5 Blast Gasp (5/5) The Fatemaker deals 50% of the spell’s damage as ability damage and cannot critically hit when it deals spell damage. It also has a 20% chance to cause an elemental explosion whenever it deals spell damage.

#2. Spore Warden Skills- 18 Points Needed:

Spore Warden

Tier 1 Kindred Heart (5/5) It gives companions a 45% health boost and a 40% damage boost, making this a must-have skill for monsters.
Tier 2 Bullseye (5/5) Increases the chance of a critical hit by 50% on the gun and companions, which is extremely useful for increasing damage potential all around.
Tier 2 Spore Cloud (1/1) Farts a poisonous cloud that deals poison damage to enemies and taunts them.
Tier 3
Medicinal Mushroom (1/1) Reviving the Fatemaker with the Mushroom Companion in Save Your Soul Mode will enhance its damage, as well as the Fatemaker’s.
Tier 3
Quiver of Holding (3/3) Regeneration of ammo is accelerated by 3% per second. This feature boosts magazine size by 30%.
Tier 4
Thrill of the Hunt (3/3) Companion Damage is boosted by 9%, stackable up to 10 times when a critical gun hit is made. There may be a brief cooldown, too. Keep this buff enabled as often as possible if you are using this build.


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So, that’s it on the best Morticulturalist Pet to build on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. We hope that you find this article really helpful. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about this build, comment below and let us know. Moreover, if you don’t know Where to Find the Legendary Buffmeister Spell in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, check out our latest guide.

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