Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2023

One of the open-world off-road driving simulation video games is SnowRunner. It was developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive in 2023. You can also say that this is the improved and newer version of MadRunner 2. The game offers many vehicles to drive and complete missions in different regions, locations, etc. Most terrains are difficult to drive, with extremely challenging situations to complete objectives. Here, we’ve shared the Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2023 that you should drive once.

Almost 40 vehicles from plenty of popular brands let you customize, repair, and include add-on mods, fueling, and more quite easily. We’ve already covered an article on the best trucks in SnowRunner to drive in off-road conditions. Here, we will tell you which are the top & biggest trucks in SnowRunner that you can drive.

Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2020

Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2023

We will also share the vehicle details in brief with capacity. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

1. Western Star 6900 TwinSteer

This licensed truck from SnowRunner can carry up to 4 load points due to the long flatbed. This truck is meant to be run off-road and on rough terrain. It has a fuel capacity of 600L, a switchable differential lock, is a heavyweight vehicle, offers quite good speed, can be found for free in the gameplay, etc.

However, it lacks AWD (Wheel Drive) capacity and has no frame add-ons. The truck can’t hitch trailers, and players can find it difficult to drive and move in turnings due to the huge turning radius.

Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2020

2. KOLOB 74760

It’s an 8×8 vehicle for the SnowRunner game that offers heavy tractor to deliver cargo in difficult terrain. The vehicle has a bumper and roof light design with AWD and Differential Lock. Due to the large engine, it has 380L fuel capacity and it can be upgraded in both parts or visually in the game.

It runs smoothly on off-road surfaces with frame add-ons like engine, exhaust, rooftop, tires, gearbox, suspension, front bumper, winch, tire rims, spare wheel, snorkel, etc. However, it sometimes can be stuck on complex surfaces or hits hard to damage parts quite easily.

Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2020

3. Caterpillar 745C

It’s another licensed truck in the SnowRunner game that offers cargo trips in extreme conditions without any major issues. It’s one of the best-in-class off-road trucks with massive tires, differential lock, switchable AWD, a huge fuel tank of 340L capacity, etc.

While the vehicle doesn’t need much refueling due to the powerful yet efficient engine and can be used very effectively as a recovery vehicle, the long vehicle is quite hard to move sideways in turnings while navigating. Players can customize or repair this vehicle in engine, rims, gearbox, suspension, tires, winch, differential lock, frame add-ons, etc.

Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2020

4. KOLOB 74941

It has more than 10 meters of Russian steel on eight wheels that are best for mud surfaces. The KOLOB 74941 is a heavy vehicle with a grill, front bumper, front windshield, switchable AWD, switchable differential lock, and more. Not only does it run smoothly on mud, but also snowy roads. The higher ground clearance makes it very effective for the off-roading environment.

It has a fuel capacity of 340L and can upgrade or repair parts like the engine, exhaust, gearbox, misc, suspension, tires, front bumper, front side, winch, rims, frame add-ons, differential lock, snorkel, etc.

Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2020

5. Azov 42-20 Antarctic

The Azov 42-20 Antarctic is one of the 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks with a 6×6 off-road vehicle in the SnowRunner game that’s meant to run on deep freezing conditions like snowy roads. It has special armored wheels, a very efficient fuel engine, a sizeable fuel tank, etc.

The truck has a switchable differential lock, always-on AWD, fuel capacity of 340L, capable of going through mud, carries 2 slots & can add more with a trailer, etc. However, the truck can be unlocked at rank 26, which is something players are going to miss in the initial stages.

Top 5 SnowRunner Biggest Trucks in 2020

That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this article pretty useful. Feel free to ask in the comment below for more queries.

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