How to Unlock Corio Enforce Optic in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been released for players. They are already loving it very much and playing it full of enjoyment. There are a lot of game modes available as in the previous games of Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter game that has been developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It is a shooting game which the players are really loving it. We know that there are different requirements available for playing the shooting game.

The players have to equip high damage-giving guns which can kill the enemies very easily. It is only done so that the players can win the match very easily. The guns come with a feature that is equipped with other excellent attachments like barrels, suppressors, optics, scopes, and much more.

All of this makes the gun more powerful to kill enemies. Similarly, the Corio Enforce Optic is an attachment through which the guns get more powerful in the different modes of the game. To know how to unlock it, keep on reading the guide.

Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock Corio Enforce Optic in Modern Warfare 2

The Corio Enforce Optic in Modern Warfare 2 is available for different guns. It slightly makes the gun more powerful once equipped. Once you have equipped the Corio Enforce optic, then your weapon power will be increased slightly, which makes it more powerful for you to use in the game.

The users are looking for different ways to unlock it. However, the Corio Enforce Optic can’t be unlocked for the different game modes, especially for regular multiplayer matches. You can equip this attachment in private matches. All the items are unlocked for the private matches. If you are thinking of unlocking it for the other multiplayer matches, you will have to wait for a certain time.

Many different attachments and optics are available for you to attach to your weapon. You can easily attach them to your weapons, making them more powerful. If we find anyways, then we will surely update this guide according to it.

As of now, you will not be able to unlock the Corio Enforce Optic in the game.


Attaching different attachments to your weapons makes it more powerful for the player to kill the enemies. We have already mentioned that you will not be able to unlock the Corio Enforce Optic, so you will have to use another one. This was all for this guide. See you at the next one.

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