How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2, the 19th instalment of Call of Duty, has succeeded instantly. Everyone is trying to get their hands on this multiplayer title and enjoy all its features. And the new features include new weapons and unlocking, which require additional tasks.

Infinity Ward has simplified unlocking camouflages in the newest game, including the much-desired Spectrum Camo modification. If you are looking for a way to unlock Spectrum Camo, this article will help you out. Here, we have listed the process you can follow to do so. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

How to Unlock Spectrum Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

The first requirement to unlock the Spectrum Camo is getting up the Signal 50 Sniper Rifle to Level 23. Then you need to complete a specific challenge.

In the game, there are 1 to four challenges that a gamer needs to complete to unlock any new weapon camo. Unlocking a specific camo for a weapon will involve completing a challenge with that particular weapon. These are called Base Camos, and at launch, over 180 unique Base are launched.

With new updates coming in the future, we will get even more weapons with base camo options. Besides Base camos, we also get Mastery camos that can be unlocked by completing all base challenges with a particular gun.

Remember that the Signal 50 Rifle challenges will depend on your weapon. It would be best if you unlocked the Mastery camo after you have completed all the Case Camos. There are 100 Base Camos specifically for a single weapon, and you need to complete all of them to get the Spectrum Camo on the weapon of your choice.

If you have not completed a single base camo challenge, you must head to the multiplayer loadout. There you need to select Custom Layout and choose your preferred weapon. After this, click on Customize option, and then you will see the camo challenges that require completion for each skin. This will give you the roadmap on which challenges you need to complete to get the spectrum camo for your weapon.

So this is all about how you can unlock Spectrum Camo in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. If you have any questions or queries about this article, comment below, and we will get back to you. Also, check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more helpful information.

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