Is Valorant Server Down or any Outage Has Occured

Updated on April 25, 2020: There are reports on Twitter as the Valorant game has since been down for many users.

getting Error Code 54 when trying to boot up Valorant… :( @PlayVALORANT

am i the only one with low client fps problems everytime i start valorant or

Drops are the least of peoples problems, the trojan file “valorant anti-cheat” file in the root of windows running and connected to the internet even when the game isnt running is a bigger problem. Riot is a Chinese company and knowing theres a trojan file in Windows root folder.

Valorant is shit. Everything’s ******* broken.

So can’t stream and @PlayVALORANT anymore – having the #Vanguard unsigned driver issue tried to fix it by removing reported sigverif one, but I can’t get a signed driver for my DAC which I feel still causing the “incorrect function” issue. :( #VALORANT

Dude I cannot stream with this recent Valorant patch. Frames are shit and whatever they changed with net code makes peeking angles and holding angles feel like trash. Hope they fix soon

@RiotSupport Fix your game. After everyone got booted from every server on the planet, still having ridiculous packet loss. I get it, you’re all hyped up about Valorant. Whatever. How about you fix the servers for the game and the players that’ve made you money for 10 years.

Valorant is the latest multiplayer FPS from RIOT games. It focuses on team gameplay where the player can assume the role of an attacker or defender. This tactical shooter is currently available in the beta version. The closed beta is available to less number of players as of now. Soon in the coming months, Valorant will release on the Windows platform.

Recently some players may be facing Valorant server down issues on their systems. Well, the issue is official, and RIOT games have tweeted out about the same. The announcement mentioned Europe and North America will be seeing a server outage for maintenance. The servers will be down from CEST 3:30 AM till 9:00 AM.

The reason the Valorant Server is down can be attributed to the latest patch, v0.47. It was rolled out recently. However, there were some nerfs reported by the beta users. It’s great that RIOT is making sure to keep its game perfect for its players.

Is Valorant Server Down [How to know and Fix]

In this guide, we will discuss how to know whether the Valorant server has any issues.? Anyone can determine that by making use of the down detector website. Besides, one can follow some basic drills and try to fix the server-down problem manually.

Using Down Detector

Try to go to down detector dot com. There you can check whether the servers of an application are down or not in real-time. You even get to see the locations in a map format that describes which area is facing the server outage at that current moment. A graphical representation also mentions the downtime from its starting time until its resolution. Also, it marks when the server downtime is at its peak.

You can also see tweets from various other gamers to confirm and support your server-down claims. These are mostly users from the affected regions of the world. If the problem of the server has been solved, then also you will be notified through tweets from the gamers or gaming communities/forums.

How to manually Fix Valorant Server Down Issue

Now, not every time we can wait for official support to get things fixed. Maybe there are certain factors that the user himself can tweak. Then it will make the application work again normally. So, let’s check out.

Check your Home Internet

If your ISP is facing downtime, then your internet will be slow hence affecting your access to gaming servers. This also applies to your Wi-Fi connection. So, contact your ISP and register your issue.

Restart the System to fix Valorant Server Down Problem

Sometimes some internal software updates for the system may also cause network fluctuations. It is not very common but has a role in ruining users’ gaming experience. So, try restarting the system.

Logout and Login Back

Sometimes you must have seen when the server is down, the game instructs the player to log out and log in back. Try that out. However, it is still dependent on the Internet. If the network is weak, you will face the issue again. In normal outages, this trick does help out.

What’s the Ping Status

If too many users are accessing the same server at a single point of time, the server will go down. Even if the gameplay starts, the experience will be very bad and the game will get stuck every other minute. So, either change your server or wait for some time and access your choice of server.


Try to use any VPN and access the game. In most cases, it works like a charm. If it doesn’t work, you can change to another region on the VPN and try logging in to your game. The point is to play the game from a region where the server is not down for Valorant.

So, that was some informative insight about what to do when encountering the Valorant server down the issue. We hope that this guide will help you out.

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