Fix: Vizio TV Power Light Blinking, But No Picture

Smart TVs play an important role in our lives nowadays. Previously, we mostly watched cable TV channels, which didn’t require special instruments. However, with the availability of various other platforms, we are now more likely to watch shows on OTT apps. Smart TVs have fixed this issue as they offer cable TV services and all the OTT apps we watch daily. This has led many TV-making companies to move into the Smart TV market, and they all produce TVs better than the others.

Vizio is one of the Smart TV brands that have made their mark with exclusive features. They offer various additional services than other brands, making them stand out in the crowd. However, they are electronic devices and tend to have some problems. Users have reported the Vizio TV power light blinking, but no picture issue. There could be many reasons that cause this, and we have tried to discuss them in this article. We have also provided possible solutions for the same.

vizio tv power light blinking

Vizio TV Power Light Blinking, But No Picture: Possible Reasons

An improper power supply can sometimes lead to no picture on Vizio TVs. In the same other cases, it might happen when the electricity goes out for a short period. If your television is experiencing this type of problem, then you won’t be able to see a picture on the screen. You may have trouble sometimes due to weak signals from your cable or satellite provider. The problem may occur because of improper installation or bad cable connections in the mainboard. These are some possible issues that might occur and can be easily fixed very easily. So, without further ado, let’s look into how these issues can be easily fixed.

How to Fix Vizio TV No Picture Issue?

Fix 1: Restart Your Vizio TV With A Power Cycle

A soft reset with the power cycle helps to refresh Vizio TV’s software and fixes any bug causing the black screen issue. This soft reset the memory, CPU, and other components so that all of them function without any interruption. Unplug all the external USB devices to avoid data loss or corrupted drives.

Step 1: Turn off the television using the power button on the remote control, wait for 30-40 second and then turn it back on.

Step 2: If the screen remains black, then switch on your Vizio TV and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Wait for 1 minute. 

Step 3: Reconnect the television plug to the electrical outlet and turn on the television to see whether it’s working.

Fix 2: Ensure That All The Wires and HDMI Cables Are Connected Properly

You have to ensure that all wires, including the coaxial cable, the power cable, the cable for the DVD player, the television wires, or any other connection wires, are working without interruption. Make sure all cables connected to your TV are connected to the correct ports by analyzing the back of the TV. If you find any wires or connections that are free or only partially attached to the port, reconnect them. Double-check all wires and circuits if you still do not see a picture. When checking the cable connections, if you discover a damaged cable, repair it as soon as possible.

Fix 3: Change the Power Outlet

Suppose your remote works perfectly and the wires and connectors connected to the TV are properly connected. In that case, your electrical outlet is likely defective, and your TV isn’t getting a power supply. To resolve it, find a nearby outlet, connect the TV power cord to it, and check whether it solves the issue.

Fix 4: Check the Screen for Backlight Damage

When your TV still displays no picture despite you trying multiple methods, there is a possibility that it is having this problem due to poor backlight and brightness. When the backlights on your television are defective, the screen becomes dark and the picture is not visible.

Here’s how to check for a damaged backlight:

Step 1: Turn on your Vizio TV.

Step 2: Turn off all the lights, then activate a flashlight and shine it at your tv to peer if you can see any of the content.

Your television could have backlight damage if doing so causes the content or film to become visible. A defective backlight renders your television display dark, so you can’t see the picture. In this case, a Vizio service center is recommended to replace the backlight.

Fix 5: Factory Reset Your Vizio TV

If you keep getting black screens on your television, changing the internal settings may be necessary. An update may have damaged the software, or a third-party app installed on your television may be causing the problem. If you are experiencing any software problems, restoring the factory settings is one of the most effective methods of resolving them.

Using this method, you can fix various problems when resetting a TV. However, remember that when you reset a TV, all the settings will be erased. In addition to the backlight settings, the display settings, the downloaded content, the saved preferences, and even the TV’s information are stored in this section.

The steps you need to follow to perform a factory reset on your device are as follows:

Step 1: Look around on the back or sides of your TV and see if you can find a bunch of buttons. Usually, they have the power button, volume button, etc.

Step 2: Ensure that the TV is turned on. While the TV is turned on, hold down the volume and input buttons simultaneously for about 20 – 30 seconds.

Step 3: In front of the Vizio TV, you will see a message that says to reset, just press the input button for 10 – 15 seconds.

Step 4: Now, the factory reset will begin.


The above steps should fix your problem, but you should contact Vizio for repairs if they don’t. If the above troubleshooting steps do not fix the problem, you must contact Vizio for repair as soon as possible. Note that you should contact a service center if a hardware failure, such as a faulty power supply, T-con board, or screen, causes the fault.

Below are some tips on how to avoid black screens on your Vizio TV:

  • Make sure your Vizio TV and its cord are always clean.
  • To prevent loose connections, you should check the wires after every few days.
  • You should ensure your software has been updated to avoid such small problems in the future.
  • Ensure the cables are in proper condition and don’t appear to be deteriorating. Check them often to keep track of their location.


  1. Greetings, and thank you for an informative Vizio troubleshooting article. Unfortunately, none of the above steps resolved my blank screen/blinking light issue, so I will need to contact Vizio and arrange for service or replacement.

    I noticed a slight error on line 3 of the above article. I believe the phrase “…we are not more likely…” should be changed to “…we are now more likely…”.

    Thanks again for this informative article.

    Best regards,

    Tom McNulty

    1. Tim, was Vizio responsive? I find myself in the same position with a tv that has been in my possession for 3 days. And have performed the above steps starting on day 1 & day 2. Day 3 it worked & day 4, today, no dice.

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