How to Fix Xbox One System Error E200?

Developed by Microsoft, since it’s launched, Xbox One is the most popular and preferred gaming console. Xbox one is a popular choice among gamers because it provides amazing latest games and more control over your game. Though that been said, Xbox One is not an error-free console. Users run into errors now, and then, recently, users have been reporting that they have been facing an error while trying to boot the console. The error shows System Error E200 error code, and prevent users from starting up their Xbox one.

The System Error E200 can be caused due to Firmware glitch or system file corruption. However, there is a possibility that the error is occurring due to the OS version on console flash is newer than the recovery flash version, thus causing conflict. If the error is due to firmware glitch, then you will surely face random shutdown and glitches before you encounter system Error E200.

How to Fix Xbox One System Error E200

How to Fix Xbox One System Error E200?

During the downloading and installation process of the game and apps, system files can get corrupted and might show Error E200 code. All these issues can be resolved, follow the solutions mentioned below to fix the System Error E200 in Xbox One.

Method 1: Perform a Power Cycle Procedure

Due to stored temp files and cache files, the firmware can have glitches and unexpected shutdowns. However, if you perform a Power cycling procedure, it will clear all your temp files, hence resolving the error.

Step 1) First, make sure that your console is not in hibernation mode, and it is fully booted up. Then press the Xbox button for at least 10 seconds or more, until the LED turns off.

Step 2) Now, you can switch off the power supply and disconnect the power cable. Wait for at least one minute, then plug the cable back into the socket.

Step 3) Turn on your console by pressing the power button, if you see a green screen which hangs up for some time, you will know that you have succeed performing the Power Cycle procedure. Hence, you won’t get the System error E200 never again after that, if the glitches were causing due to temp files.

Method 2: Perform an Offline USB Flash Drive Update

It is possible that the OS version on your console flash is newer than the recovery flash version. Hence, results in System  Error E200. However, you can resolve this by updating your console using a USB flash drive. You will be flashing the OSU1 file, download the newest version from the Xbox Support website.

Step 1) Firstly, format your USB to NTFS, then go to the Xbox Support page and download the latest Xbox One OS.

Step 2) Extract all the download content to the USB, and make sure that the $SystemUpdate folder is in the root folder. Now turn off your Console completely.

Step 3) o open up the troubleshooter Window, press the Blind + Eject button during startup. Before the troubleshoot, Windows opens, you will hear two tones.

Step 4) Once the troubleshooter window appears, plug your USB, and select the Offline System update option using your controller, press the X button to access it.

Step 5) Now, you will have to follow some on-screen prompts to begin the installation. It will take more than 20 minus to fully install. Once installed, the System Error E200 will be resolved.

Method 3: Perform a Factory reset

Resetting your Console to fix the System error E200 is the last option, if nothing works then, you can always try to reset your Xbox One and fix the issue. Resetting your console will completely revive your Xbox One to its original state.

Step 1) To perform a data factory reset, firstly turn off your Xbox One completely, make sure it’s not in hibernation.

Step 2) Now, press the Bind + Eject button to start the console troubleshooter, then press the Xbox button. Keep hold of the Bind and eject button until you heard the second tone, and the troubleshooter Window appears.

Step 3) Select the reset this Xbox option form the troubleshooter Window and then choose the remove everything option. Now, your console will be reset to its initial form, and it will automatically restart. So wait for the restart, and then it is a guarantee you won’t face the system error E200 again.

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