Fix: YouTube Not Working on Google Chrome

Are you using Google chrome browser to run YouTube.? Do you face issues like video stutter or not loading or playback is freezing.? A lot of users do face this issue and in this guide, I will explain to you why YouTube may not be working on Google Chrome and how you can fix it.?

Normally, a slow internet connection can cause the YouTube video to not load or stutter. Also, if you have disabled the JavaScript on your Chrome browser video will not load. The cache may be corrupt with a lot of unnecessary junk files. That can also cause the browser to not run the YouTube videos. These problems can be fixed easily. I have described the solutions for it.

Fix: YouTube Not Working on Google Chrome

How to Fix YouTube Not Working Issue on Chrome Browser

If the Chrome browser is on an older build then that may cause bugs. That may also cause YouTube to not work. Usually, the Chrome browser updates automatically. Still, you should double-check and manually update the build of the browser operating system.


Also, if you have installed any browser extension and it may have any bugs that may also affect how your browser works. YouTube videos may get affected and you get to face video playback problems.

Update Chrome Browser

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Navigate to the right-hand side
  • Click on the 3-dot button
  • From the menu select Settings
  • On the left-hand panel click on About Chrome
  • If you see Google Chrome is up-to-date then there is no issue in there
  • If a new update is available the Chrome will update itself

Note: You can even try restarting the Chrome browser from Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt+ Delete. Then right-click on Chrome browser and select End Task. 

Uninstall Buggy Extension

This is a very straightforward trick. You have to manually uninstall one by one extension and check after uninstalling which particular extension YouTube videos started to play smoothly on the Chrome browser.

Enable JavaScript on Chrome

Modern-day webpages are dependent on JavaScript to load. So, to run your YouTube videos and animations smoothly you need to enable JavaScript on the Chrome browser.

  • open Chrome
  • In the address bar type Chrome://Settings
  • Press enter
  • In the search console type Site Settings
  • The appropriate result will be highlighted below
  • Click on Site Settings
  • Navigate to JavaScript 
  • Check if the status is set to Allowed
  • If it is not enabled yet then click the toggle to enable JavaScript on the Chrome browser

Check your Internet Speed

If your ISP is carrying out the maintenance then the network may be down. In that case, YouTube itself won’t load properly.

Check the connectivity of the router at your home. Also, if there is any external factor like a storm or cyclone, then that may also affect the network speed.

Ask your ISP to provide you with some solutions. You may also try to reset your router and then access YouTube through the Chrome browser.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

To smoothen the performance of hardware and software on the browser hardware acceleration is helpful. Often users complain that hardware acceleration may be the reason why YouTube videos are not loading on the Chrome browser.

Here is how to disable the hardware acceleration on the Chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome://Settings
  • Type Hardware Acceleration in the search box of Chrome
  • In the resulting options, Use hardware acceleration when available will show up
    disable hardware acceleration to fix YouTube not working on Chrome
  • Click the toggle to disable it

Use Chrome browser in Incognito Mode if YouTube Not Working

This will help you to steer clear of buggy extensions on Chrome. Thus, you can play YouTube videos smoothly on the Chrome browser.

Press Ctrl + Shift + N to open a new incognito window on Chrome

Clear cache of Chrome browser

This will clear the junk files and temporary files present in the browser cache.

  • open Chrome://Settings on Chrome browser URL bar
  • Type cache in the search bar
  • Select the option Clear Browsing Data
    clear browsing data Chrome browser
  • Under the Advanced tab, set the time range to All-Time from the drop-down
  • Click on Clear Data [tick all the boxes except Passwords and other sign-in data]
    Clear Data of Chrome browser to fix YouTube
  • Restart the browser

Reset Chrome Browser if YouTube is Not Working

If each of the above methods fails then you may try to reset the Chrome browser on your PC.

  • Open Chrome://Settings on your browser
  • Type Reset in the search section
  • From the results, click on Restore Settings to their original defaults
    Reset Chrome settings
  • A dialog box will open that will tell you to confirm your action
  • To do so, click on Reset Settings

Note: Remember that by resetting the Chrome browser, Cookies will be deleted, extractions you have installed will be disabled and all the temporary data will be deleted. 

Additionally, you may also try to uninstall and reinstall the Chrome browser. It will not be required though in most cases.

So, these are the various troubleshooting methods you can carry if YouTube is not working on the Google Chrome browser.

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