Activate Discovery Plus On Sky Q, How to Fix If It Not Working

Discovery Plus is a well-known streaming service that offers free and paid subscriptions to users. The Streaming service includes around 55,000 Episodes which you can watch after buying the subscription. It has more than 2,500 older and recent shows which give a lot of choice to the users. There are more than 14 networks which include TLC, HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Animal Planet, ID, Trvl Channel, OWN, and more.

All the episodes are unscripted and if you love watching unscripted shows then Disney Plus is for you. This is only available as a standalone service in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland at the moment. However, Vodafone started to offer this service to their customers in 12 European Countries.

You can activate it in any set-top box. But, in this guide, we will tell you how to activate Discovery Plus. So, we will explain to you the steps to how to install it and activate it on your Sky Q set-top box. We will be also explaining the troubleshooting steps for the same.

how to activate Discovery Plus on Sky Q

How To Activate Discovery Plus?

So, if you don’t know to activate Discovery Plus on Sky Q after installing, then follow all the steps which are given below to do it.

  • First of all, make sure you have installed the Discovery Plus on Sky Q set-top box.
  • After it, open the Discovery Plus App on your Sky Q.
  • Now, select “Continue with Sky Activation” which is below the login, and sign up button.
  • When you click on it, it will take you to the page that displays a new 6-digit code.
  • Now, open a web browser and go to this link ““.
  • After it, log in to it with the Sky Q details.
  • So, you will be now able to continue the activate journey.
  • After the competition of the step, the Discovery Plus activation will be done and you will be able to run it on your Sky Q set-top-box.

So, follow the above-mentioned steps to activate the Discovery Plus App on your Sky Q set-top box. And, if you are facing an issue with the Discovery Plus app on your Sky Q, then be with us because we are providing you with the solution to fix it.

Reasons For Discovery Plus Issues

So, if you are facing the issue that the Discovery Plus is not working on Sky Q set-top box then do follow the steps which we will mention below. But, before that, we will be listing out the problems through which the issue is occurring.

  • Lose Internet Connection
  • Region Issue
  • Firmware Updates
  • Software Issue
  • Upgrade The Account

Steps To Fix Discovery Plus Issue

So, follow the methods to fix the Discovery Plus not working on Sky Q. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully so the problem can be resolved.

Check The Internet Connection

We all know that streaming apps require a good internet connection. And, it is one of the most important things too. So, make sure you are connected to a proper internet connection which is providing a high speed of downloading data. You can also check the same by using the Internet Speed Checker Test. Therefore, check it to avoid any confusion about the not working of the Discovery Plus app.

Restart The App

If the app is not working properly, then try restarting the app. So, first, close the app and then turn off the set-top box, and wait for a minute. Now, again start the set-top box and launch the app. Check whether it runs properly or not.

Check TV & App Settings

We know that Discovery Plus is only available for specific countries. So, check whether the region that you have selected on the TV or in the app is correct or not. If it is wrong then kindly change it, and if it is correct then move to the next step.

Try Reinstalling The App

Make sure the app has been installed correctly and there are no corrupt files. So, if you are in doubt whether it has been correctly installed then try reinstalling it. So, first of all, uninstall the app and then turn off the set-top box, and then again turn on the set-top box and reinstall the Discovery Plus app. After doing this, check whether the app is running or not.

Firmware Updates

If the issue has not been resolved then check whether your Smart TV/Set-top box is running on the latest updates or not. If you are not running on the latest version then you have to update it because the app might not work properly if the Firmware is not updated. So, make sure you do this.

Software Issue

There are also possibilities that the app might also have some issues. Yes, it can be due to the latest updates or through corrupted files. But, if it is because of the latest updates, then you might have to wait for the official update push. So, that the update can fix the issue which is in the app. Also, check whether you have activated the app or not for your Sky Q. If you have not activated then do follow the steps which are mentioned in the second heading.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the methods have helped you then you might have to contact customer support. Yes, you can email the issue to the Discovery Plus app team. And, also email about the same to Sky Q. So, they can know your problem and try to resolve it as soon as possible, if it is from their’s end.


So, in this guide, we have mentioned the ways to activate Discovery Plus on Sky Q. Also, along with it, we have also explained the methods to fix the Discovery Plus App, if it not working correctly on the Sky Q. I hope all the mentioned methods are clear to you and will help in resolving the issue. So, make sure to carefully follow all the steps. Also, if you have fixed the same problem through any other method, then do share it with us in the comment section below.


  1. Discovery+ is not activate on my TV I have followed the steps to activate it but nothing is happening. Why pay for a channel ID I can’t even watch. Absolutely disgusting service. Plus there is not even a telephone contact to speak to someone.

  2. i have been successful in registering for Discovery= ON MY SKY Q BOX BUT IT WON’T LET ME SIGN IN TO WATCH IT.

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