Fix: Battlefield 2042 Controller on PC Not Working Issue

Gamers of the Battlefield 2042 open-up beta have found that connecting controllers to PC devices isn’t functioning. It is undoubtedly very inconvenient for those looking to play on a PC without using a mouse and keyboard.

With so many FPS gamers carefully tuned to the layout of controllers, the failure to connect them could seriously hamper enjoyment of the open-up beta. But, fear not, as in this guide you’ll learn how you can fix the Battlefield 2042 controllers on PC not working issue. 

Fix: Battlefield 2042 Controller on PC Not Working Issue

How to Fix Battlefield 2042 Controller on PC Not Working Issue

Providing a 100% functioning service to the collapsing problem with a video game is unusual because that all users have various system equipment, software, and configurations.

The large variety of causes that can lead a video game to fail makes it an extremely challenging problem to fix. But, there are certain common locations that we can address and help most users.

To fix the error with PC controllers that do not deal with Battlefield 2042, you should try the following:

  1. Make sure the controller and your PC are connected properly together. Because again and again disconnecting and reconnecting the controller to make sure that the link process doesn’t fail.
  2. Try connecting your controller via a wired USB link, preferably. Records on the Battlefield 2042 PC controller not functioning recommend that attempting with a wired link is more effective.
  3. Ensure other peripherals, such as the keyboard and mouse, are detached. If both and your controller are connected, your PC can prioritize keyboard and mouse.

It is important to keep in mind that these fast repairs may not completely resolve the issue. Several Battlefield 2042 gamers are covering PC controller problems.

Despite this, DICE has not yet dealt with the issue. We have not received a declaration or any acknowledgment of the issue. In fact, it is feasible that there will not be a spot for the Battlefield 2042 PC controller issue.

At least not until the complete video game launch in November, as DICE is not likely to spot the beta. This video game test duration is designed to resolve these problems – but that does not make it any less frustrating for players.

Now, because of this, all you can do is ensure that links are not crossed between your PC and the controller. So it looks like a USB link is one of the most dependable services – but that does not guarantee it will solve the problem permanently. So instead, you can try the following method:


Upgrade the Video Card Driver

Upgrade the Video Card Driver

While the first fix you must have attempted is to upgrade the GPU driver, you might not be doing it right. Do not use the Device Supervisor to look for driver updates. Rather, most likely go to the manufacturer’s website or use the GeForce Experience. When upgrading, choose a tidy install.

Do Not Overclock

stop overclocking


Overclocking makes the GPU or CPU unsteady, which may be the factor for the crash. If you’re collapsing a great deal and you’re using OC, it is most likely that that may trigger the crash. We recommend that you disable the OC and check if the Battlefield 2042 controller is still not working on your PC or not.

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So, that’s how you can fix if Battlefield 2042 controller on PC not working issue occurs. We hope the methods mentioned above have helped you. You can comment down if you have any issues or doubts.

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