Best iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos in 2020

Have you been searching around for ways to stream or play high definition MKV videos on your Apple iPad? Worry not, because we have just the right guide for you! Read on to learn about some of the best iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos in 2020.

First of all, let’s talk about what exactly is an MKV video and why you would want to play them. To answer the prior question, MKV is a file format for videos that outputs high definition video and audio. It is mostly seen in digital releases of movies or web series, while most of our smartphone video content is mp4 or of other lighter formats. The second part of the question solely depends on the person consuming MKV video files. MKV Videos are generally far superior when it comes to quality and the bit rate, so they are an obvious selection for those who want the best experience while watching a movie or a TV show.

Best iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos in 2020

However the complexity arises while playing an MKV video file. Most of users now use streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime which stream video content that is significantly lower in bit rate and audio quality. If you so happen to have a bunch of MKV video files laying around and wish to watch them on your iPad’s glorious Retina display, then you would be out of luck. At least unless you stumbled upon our article! To enable your iPad to play HD MKV Videos, you would need a third party video player of some sort. And that is exactly what we will be discussing in today’s article. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our handpicked list of some of the best iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos in 2020.

Best iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos in 2020

All of the apps mentioned below have been tried and tested by yours truly, and I recommend only those one’s that provide a fulfilling user experience. As far as availability goes, most of the apps we’ve mentioned about below are free, to begin with, but run on a freemium basis which means users can opt into buying the premium versions which unlocks a whole lot of other cool features. Overall, if you don’t plan on spending any money for iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos, you can still enjoy most of the listings here too! With that being  said, let’s take a look on our top picks!

#1 – OPlayer HD

The first app in our list also happens to be one of the most trusted and widely regarded as the best video player for iOS devices, especially for iPads. OPlayer HD has been around for over 8 years, and has support for almost all video formats that exist in this world. It can obviously also stream or play high quality MKV files without a hiccup on your iPad’s big, vibrant display. One of the best aspects about this video player is also the fact that it is very pleasing to use. The user interface is tailored for the best possible experience, and the gestures while watching any videos also make it easier to control things such as playback, timecodes and the volume. Furthermore, OPlayer HD also doesn’t require any conversion to play video files of different formats. It does it all in the background, with no wait time to watch your favorite movies or web series. Overall, as a standalone MKV Video player, we highly recommend this app for anyone with an iPad. You can download the latest version of OPlayer HD for your iPad on the Apple App Store by following the link provided below :

Download OPlayerHD

#2 – VLC Streamer Lite

Next up is an app for all those who wanted to stream MKV video files directly onto their iPads from a laptop or a computer nearby. While you can still use this app to view videos that are locally stored, it truly shines when you use it to stream video files. The app doesn’t really have the best user interface, but it gets the job done. VLC Streamer Lite is the free version, which is supported by a few banner ads, but nothing that would interrupt your movie watching sessions. It can also play from a wide variety of video formats, so you don’t really have to worry about any compatibility issues. VLC Streamer Lite also includes gesture controls to make your movie watching experience very fulfilling and hassle-free. You can download the latest version of VLC Streamer Lite for your iPad on the Apple App Store by following the link provided below :

Download VLC Streamer Lite

#3 – PlayerXtreme Media Player

As our third mention on this list, we have PlayerXtreme Media Player. This is one of the best iPad Apps you can grab to stream or play high quality MKV videos without any buffer or stutter. What makes it so great is the rich user interface, and design elements that make it seem like a first party Apple app itself. It has deep integration with Apple AirPlay as well as Google Cast, so you can easily cast your movies onto a much larger screen, that of your monitor or your TV. Furthermore, this media player has one of the most extensive list of compatible video formats, including 3gp, asf, avi, divx, dv, dat, flv, gxf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, mpv, and many more. Overall, thanks to its breathtaking user interface, ease of use, and professional design, we highly recommend this media player to those who are a big fan of neat looking apps. You can download the latest version of PlayerXtreme Media Player for your iPad on the Apple App Store by following the link provided below :

Download PlayerXtreme Media Player

#4 – Fast Tube

The next app on this list isn’t geared towards only those who want to stream or playback high definition MVK videos, but also for those who use YouTube a lot, and yet are dissatisfied by the constant dips in quality of the video and audio. Fast Tube is basically an addon to YouTube, and it plays whichever video you wish to, in the maximum resolution available, without any compression or connectivity issues. The app is fast to respond to, and also streams your favorite YouTube videos without any issues or delay. The media player is also very intuitive and friendly for first time users of the app. You can also use this app to sort all your favorite YouTube videos by date, likes and more. Overall, if you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy your daily dose of YouTube but with great quality, we highly recommend you check this one out. You can download the latest version of Fast Tube for your iPad on the Apple App Store by following the link provided below :

Download Fast Tube

#5 – 8Player Free

Ending our list, we have 8Player Free. This media player exceeds our expectations when it comes to just how many servers it is compatible to stream over (DLNA / UPnP, SMB, FTP, Google Drive and Dropbox). You also get tvOS (Apple TV) compatibility with this app, so you can easily stream any locally saved video or music files from your iPad or iPhone directly to your television. Furthermore, this media player has support for a very vast list of video formats such as avi, mkv, mp4, mov, mpg, vob, wmv, m4v, asf, flv, ogg, 3gp, divx, dv, dat, gxf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, moov, mpeg and many more. You can not only play music files (flac, mp3, aac, alac, wav, aif, wma, ac3) but can also view high definition photos from a variety of formats such as heic, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, ico, tiff etc. If you have been on the lookout for the most versatile media player for your iPad, then we couldn’t recommend 8Player Free any more than we already do. It also comes with a paid version which unlocks even more features and disables all the ads. You can download the latest version of 8Player Free for your iPad on the Apple App Store by following the link provided below :

Download 8Player Free

That’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed our roundup of some of the Best iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos in 2020. Which one among the list is your favorite, and how many of these video players for iPad have you already known or have been using? Know other good iPad Apps to Play MKV Videos that you feel people might find interesting? Do let us know in the comments section below, we’d be delighted to hear from you guys!

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