Best Weapon Skins in Valorant

The modern take on the Counter-Strike, Valorant, is now officially released for Microsoft Windows. Even before the official version came out, players worldwide were given a beta version to try, to ensure that there are no bugs in the official version. Now the game is out, but there have been a few changes with the official version as compared to the beta version. First-person shooting games nowadays are all about how your gun looks when you are finishing off enemies. It is a cosmetic change in the game, but in recent times it has been a popular feature in the game.

As mentioned above, there have been a few changes to the original version, as compared to the beta version. There have been changes in the skin collections for weapons too. In the beta version, we had a skin called Reaver, but it has been removed now from the official version. We have new skins, and most of these skins have impressed a lot of players out there. But there are still several skins in Valorant. So the question arises as to which are the best skins you should invest in this game. Let’s find out.

Best Weapon Skins in Valorant:


As a replacement to the Reaver skinline, we have a new Prime skinline for the weapons Classic, Spectre, Vandal, and Guardian. The prime collection of skinline also brings a change in Melee, but we will take a look at it later. Now with Prime skinline, we get gold and purple color combination design for all these weapons. Even when we reload, the animation is futuristic, as if you are adding light bullets to your guns. We also see purple smoke in the muzzle every time we shoot with a gun.

Best Weapon Skins in Valorant
Couture Marshal
Kingdom Phantom
Dotexe Vandal

Reaver came with updates that can be added to the skinline overtime. In the same way, even with Prime skinline, we get the opportunity to update it, such as to increase the reload animation, add a bullet trail, and also add a unique special effect for the last kill. With an upgraded prime skinline, you will see a blue wolf spawning and devouring your enemy into light that lies dead on the ground.

Now there is another skin called Couture for the guns Bulldog, Stinger, Frenzy, and Marshal, which is featured especially in Valorant battle pass. This skinline adds a sophisticated design with silver lines on a white body overall. Visually it looks very pleasing. Now besides Couture, there are another two skinlines, called Kingdom and DOT.EXE. The kingdom adds a mash of silver and black design along with some additional yellow accents for highlights. And DOT.EXE just gives the guns a completely futuristic look, much like what we see on Sci-Fi Hollywood movies based on the future.


Kingdom Melee
Luxe Melee
Luxe Melee
Prime Melee

With the prime skinline, you get a unique Melee weapon in the game. It is an ax with the signature design of Prime consisting of gold and purple color. This gives you the ability to chop down your enemies. Now there are other skins specifically for other Melee weapons, such as knives. But the ax just takes things to the next level. So overall, skins for guns, as well as the unique axe makes the prime skinline probably the best in the game.

Agent Sidearm:

Now all the characters have their own set of weapon skins for their sidearms. Each one of these skins is amazing, and if you have a favorite character among the 11 in Valorant, then you should check out all these skins in the game purchase store menu. You will surely find one that suits your need.

So if you are new to Valorant and are confused about which skin to purchase the first time, then the Prime skinline will be a safe bet. As for the Valorant battle pass skinlines, one among the three mentioned above will meet your taste.

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