Diablo 4 Invisible Wall Act 3 Glitch, Can’t Progress Campaign / Quests Fix?

There’s a bit of a hiccup in Diablo 4. specifically within Act 3, where players are coming across an annoying Invisible Wall bug. This issue has been causing a great deal of frustration among players during the game’s early access weekend. As the newest entry in the renowned action RPG series, Diablo 4 was eagerly anticipated by fans. However, players have encountered an unexpected barrier preventing them from progressing in quests and the Act III campaign. Let’s dive into what we know about this issue so far.

Diablo 4 Invisible Wall Act 3, Can't Progress Campaign / Quests Fix?

The Invisible Wall Bug in Diablo 4 Act 3: Cannot Progress Quests

Despite multiple beta testing weekends intended to smooth out any issues, Diablo 4 hit the market with several persistent bugs, ranging from minor annoyances to major problems that disrupt gameplay. A notable problem that has drawn players’ attention is the Invisible Walls bug found in Act 3. This glitch seems to spawn unseen barriers throughout Act III, impeding players’ progress in their quests and the overall campaign.

Players are growing increasingly frustrated, as exemplified by a gamer named Colossal who states: “With each moment that passes, Act 3 is becoming exceedingly difficult. Invisible walls seem to be appearing out of nowhere, and I’ve observed at least 15 other players stuck just beyond the main town, unable to proceed. Standard solutions like re-logging or returning to the town are proving ineffective. Our progress has been halted.”

Regrettably, as confirmed by Colossal and other players, the usual tactics to fix glitches, like teleporting to other hubs or logging out and back in, are ineffective. These phantom barriers can be found at various points, such as between “Bastard’s Pass” and “Wayfarer’s Folly,” where passage is impossible. Another player reported being stuck after clearing an Outpost, unable to proceed past an invisible wall toward “Gruul” to carry on with an Act 3 quest.

What is the Solution to Fix Invisible Walls Act 3 Bug in Diablo 4?

For the time being, players can only wait for Blizzard to release a patch that fixes these issues. Although it’s undoubtedly a major inconvenience, the developers are likely hard at work creating a solution.

Meanwhile, we’re calling on our community for assistance. If you’ve managed to figure out a workaround for the Invisible Walls bug in Diablo 4’s Act 3, please do share your method in the comments section! Your input could help others keep their games moving while we await an official fix from Blizzard. In the interim, let’s hope for smooth, unimpeded quests ahead!

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