Disney+ Subtitle: How to Enable and Customize Subtitles

Disney+ is a subscription video-on-demand streaming service owned and operated by the mega American corporation, The Walt Disney Company, and this article will show you how to enable and customize subtitles on their platform. Disney+ prides itself in being a very inclusive establishment. To promote that narrative and be more considerate of multilingual and non-native English-speaking customers, as well as those hard of hearing or with any other forms of auditory impairments, Disney+ offers subtitles in multiple languages for the vast majority of the movies and TV shows in its repository.

Without further ado, let us dive into the day’s business and see how you can enable and customize subtitles on the Disney+ app on Windows, Android, iOS, and other platforms like on your PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Disney Plus Subtitle: How to Enable and Customize Subtitles

Enabling Subtitles on Disney+

Disney+ offers subtitles in various languages for all of its major movies and TV shows. However, because not every user would enjoy watching their favorite TV shows and movies with the subtitles on, the option to disable subtitles exists on Disney+ on all platforms. If you so choose to, you are endowed with the leeway both to disable and enable them while watching movies and TV shows on Disney+ in your web browser, in the Disney+ Android and iOS apps, or on other platforms such as your Apple TV, PS 4, or Xbox One console.

Although the user interface, user experience, and the methods to get different jobs done differ across multiple platforms, Disney+ still offers a relatively similar experience across almost all of their platforms. This ranges from the game consoles to smart TVs and the web and mobile experience. This means that even on the off-chance that your preferred platform is not among those listed below, you are more than likely to discover that the following steps highlighted in this article will help you successfully turn on and turn off subtitles on the Disney+ platform.

Let us begin by discussing enabling and disabling subtitles on the Disney+ web browser platform.

Enabling Disney+ Subtitles In Your Web Browser

To turn on or turn off subtitles while using the Disney+ website to stream or watch your favorite movies and TV shows, you will have to start watching something first through Disney+ in your web browser.

The next thing to do at this point is to hover above the movie or TV show you are playing in your web browser to call up the playback controls. A button labeled “Language Controls” should show up in the top right corner of your computer screen when you hover over the screen. Click this button (it is the one shaped like a virtual keyboard). Clicking on this button will conjure up the subtitles and audio options for the video you are currently playing. As a matter of default, the subtitles are always off at first, so the available option before changing it is to toggle the subtitles. 

To enable the subtitles, you must navigate through and choose one of the languages from the list of languages under the Subtitles section. Immediately you select your preferred language, you can go back to your movie or TV show and begin watching it with your preferred subtitle language.

Suppose you wish to turn the subtitles off. In that case, you can do the process above all over again, this time choosing the Off option from the list labeled Subtitles instead of the On option (as this option will now be disabled since the subtitles are already on). This will then take the subtitles off your video until you enable them again using the abovementioned steps.

Enabling Disney+ Subtitles On Your iOS and/or Android Devices

If you are streaming or watching content on Disney+ using a device that runs on the iOS or Android operating system, you will discover that the playback screens on these platforms share similarities with the playback interface on the Disney+ web browser version.

In order to enable or disable subtitles on your mobile version of Disney+, you should start off by playing a movie or TV show and then tapping on the Language Controls icon which also looks like a virtual keyboard, just like on the web browser version. Also, just like on the web browser version, this icon is also resident in the top right corner of your mobile device’s screen. From the list that appears after you tap on the Language Controls icon, you can select the preferred subtitle language you would like to use from the section labeled Subtitles.

To disable subtitles on your Disney+ app for iOs or Android, simply repeat the steps above, this time opting for the Off button on the subtitles interface screen.

On All Other Available Platforms (PS 4, Xbox One, and Apple TV)

Different platforms often have differing interfaces. However, this would not prevent you from having access to the menu of available subtitles on the Disney+ app on whatever platform you are using, as long as there is an official Disney+ app.

If you want to enable subtitles for Disney+ on your PS 4 or Xbox One, the procedure is pretty identical to the procedure you have to follow in the platforms highlighted above in this article. You can successfully enable or disable subtitles on your gaming console by accessing the language controls icon and selecting your preferred language option from the list of available languages.

If you are watching content on Disney+ from the luxury of an Apple TV, you will first need to swipe down using your remote control. This will grant you access to the playback menu, where you can choose to turn on or turn off subtitles from the Subtitles tab.

How To Customize Subtitles on Disney+

Disney+ also allows its users to edit and customize the subtitles displayed in most of their movies and TV shows. This permits a viewer to change the color, the font, and the overall look of their subtitles. This is a unique feature that most other video streaming services do not offer their customers.

You should note that you can only customize your subtitles using Disney+ on the web browser. To customize your Disney+ subtitles in your web browser, you must first be streaming some content (maybe a TV show or a movie) on the official website of Disney+. While you are watching whatever content you choose to stream, hover your mouse on the computer screen and this will immediately summon the playback controls. You can then click on the Language Controls icon in the top right corner of your computer screen (remember that this icon is designed to have the shape of a virtual keyboard). This will call up the audio and subtitles options.

Below are the steps that you need to follow if you want to learn how to customize your fonts on Disney+ for your web browser:

  1. The first step that you need to take is to click on the Settings icon (this is the one designed to look like the gear shape), which is located on the right-hand side of your computer monitor screen.
  2. To customize your Disney+ subtitles, click on the cog icon, which represents the settings menu and is right under the subtitles and audio menu.
  3. Clicking on this icon will then bring up the Subtitle Styling menu; from this point, you can pick out your favorite fonts from the font drop-down menu. You should take note that any changes that you might make can always be previewed at the upper part of the menu.

Remember that you also have the freedom to determine your preferred font color, size, and font opacity in the settings from the options that have been made available to you.

If you wish to make any more changes, including changes to your font border, background color, and font opacity, the Disney+ font customization feature allows you to do all of these things. You can also customize your window color and opacity if you so wish to.

If you would like to reset your subtitle settings back to the factory Disney+ settings, you can click on the Reset To Default button at the bottom of the menu screen. The Reset To Default button is at the bottom of the Subtitle Styling menu.

If this detailed step-by-step guide on enabling, disabling, and customizing subtitles on the Disney+ platform for all your Android, iOS, game consoles, and Apple TV devices has been helpful to you, kindly let us know in the comments section below. We love hearing from you. Enjoy your movies and TV shows, and happy streaming to you!

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