How to Enter the Factory Wing of the Bunker in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2 is one of the most outstanding versions of the Call of Duty family, currently thrilling millions of users. Because if you look over some of the features of Warzone, you’ll see many adventurous objects and modes there. In that, the DMZ mode got a lot of attention since it allows the players to do tasks with a customized squad around the AI Mazrah Map.

But apart from DMZ, there are many things you can do to rise in the game. Being a traditional battle royale game, it is important to reward players with attractive rewards. But that was a scenario of initial DMZ. A “Koschei Complex” offering a weapon case and two bosses have already launched in DMZ season 3. But players don’t know how to enter such complexes to redeem rewards. Here’s how to get there.

How to Enter the Factory Wing of the Bunker in Warzone 2 DMZ

How to Enter the Factory Wing of the Bunker in Warzone 2 DMZ

Season 3 of DMZ brings many new things to the game. Particularly, barter, contraband workbench, and activity duty operator slots are the standard features that are used a lot. In addition, this season introduced a new playspace called Koschei Complex, a completely excluded area. You can enter from four different entrances and discover the secrets of this place.

To be specific, in Koschei Complex, “Factory Wing” is a crucial place as here you will get a weapon case and two bosses called “Rhinoceros” and “The Sniper”. In addition, this section allows players to participate in the Arms Faction Mission. I agree with getting to the Factory Wing seems challenging. But in comparison to its offerings, entering such a wing makes all the difference.

You might have trouble entering the Factory Wing of the Bunker for a number of reasons. But the only way to gain access is through the Factory Admin Area. I mean to say, To get into Factory Wing, you need to first enter Koschei Complex and then enter Factory Wing in the Bunker. I know all such discussions can be a challenging task for you. Don’t worry. Follow these three simple steps to get into Factory Wing.

Step I – Find the Koschei Complex Factory Admin Key

To make the game realistic and challenging, developers provided an admin key so that not everyone has the option to enter the Factory Wing. However, players who know the secret location from where they get such keys are likely to do something. To be more accurate, Factory Admin Keys are usually available at the center of the chemical plant. Understandably, some of you are hesitating to get there. So don’t worry just follow these steps and grab the admin key.

  1. In Koschei Complex, navigate to the Chemical Plant Centre.
  2. Then walk toward the Square room with the lights on.
  3. Now look around outside the room and locate a vent there.
  4. Check the vents or look over to the ground next.
  5. In a few moments, you will see the admin key.
  6. Finally, grab the admin key, and you are done.

Step II – Unlock the Koschei Complex Admin Door

Now you have the Factory Admin key; the next step is to unlock the door. I know it seems easy to hear that thing. But you should understand there are a lot of newbies who have just joined such games as battle royales and task-based games for the first time. It means they are unaware of how to unlock such a door. So to provide a clear view, we are sharing instructions to unlock the Koschei Complex Admin Door.

  1. Go to the west area of the chemical plant.
  2. At first sight, you will see a sign that says “A/1”.
  3. Continue walking towards that sign and you will see a Factory Admin Door.
  4. Now use the factory admin key you grabbed earlier at the right of that door.
  5. That’s it, the Factory Admin Door will open and you are ready to get into the Factory Wing.

Step III – Enter the Koschei Complex Factory Wing

Now the wait ends, we have reached the point where you will get exciting In-game objects that help you level up. However, in this way, it is much easier to get into the Factory Wing of the Bunker. But to be familiar with the procedure, below we are sharing the next instructions to follow to get Factory Wing benefits.

  1. Head down to the hallway, which is guarded by a sentry gun.
  2. Continue on your path until you find stairs.
  3. Once you see the stairs, walk up them in order to reach the Factory Wing door.
  4. Now open that door and grab those bosses and the weapon case.
  5. That’s all, you are done.

To Wrap up the concern, Entering Factory Wing is not a direct way to do it in Warzone 2. Since it is the more in-depth area in DMZ, you need to follow the path mentioned above. And that’s the sole reason that most of you getting confused about how to enter there. But ai hope after reading this way of entering the factory Wing of the bunker, you get satisfied and already got the two bosses and weapons case. So from now playing Warzone 2 DMZ becomes more interesting than ever.

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