5 Fixes Red Dead Redemption 2 ERR_GFX_STATE Error

In 2018, Rockstar Games released a new action-adventure game called Red Dead Redemption 2. The game was created and published by Rockstar Games. The game is also the third installment in the Red Dead series, a prequel to the critically acclaimed 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption.

However, if we talk about video games, we can’t ignore the bugs and crashing issues. Unfortunately, gamers have reported an unexpected error code ERR_GFX_STATE in Red Dead Redemption 2. So, we devised this guide to sort out the issues obstructing gamers in their gameplay.

Fix: Red Dead Redemption 2 ERR_GFX_STATE Error

What does the Red Dead Redemption 2 Error Code ERR_GFX_STATE mean?

While trying to open Red Dead Redemption 2 on their computers, many people get the ERR GFX STATE error code. This error notice is usually accompanied by the statement “Game error. Restart the computer and the game if necessary.”

According to reliable sources, the Vulkan API, a low-overhead, cross-platform API open for standard 3D graphics and computing, is most likely to blame for this issue. The Red Dead Redemption 2 game on a Windows machine can potentially be affected by other variables that result in the same issue.

However, the main menu of Red Dead Redemption 2 could be loaded by other players who encountered the error. Still, they could not progress further because the game stutters or the computer restarts independently in the worst-case scenario. However, some people have discovered a few workarounds for this problem.

Fix: Red Dead Redemption 2 ERR_GFX_STATE Error

Watch Video Troubleshoot:

Our newest video tutorial offers a complete guide on how to fix the ERR_GFX_STATE Error in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. By following the detailed troubleshooting steps provided in the video, you will be able to effectively resolve this issue and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay in Red Dead Online.

Watch Video Tutorial

You may take a few simple steps to fix the Red Dead Redemption 2 ERR GFX STATE problem in Windows 10.

If the Red Dead Redemption 2 services have been affected by any outages, check before you start. Restart your computer to see if there are any problems. RDR 2 and its launcher should behave adequately now that this issue has been fixed. Unfortunately, if the problem persists even after a reboot, you can move on to the next step of eliminating potential causes.

Fix 1: Perform a Clean Boot

Conflicting services can cause issues with both the game launcher and RDR 2. In order to fix this, follow these steps to perform a clean boot on your Windows 10 computer:

  • Run may be accessed by going to the Start menu and selecting ‘Run.’
  • Go to the search result page and select ‘Run app.’
  • Type ‘msconfig’ in the Run dialog box and hit Enter.
  • Open the ‘Services’ tab on the following window by clicking the corresponding button, and then select ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ before checking the box.
  • Then click the ‘Disable all’ option after you’ve checked everything off the list.
  • Then click the ‘Startup’ tab and select Open ‘Task Manager’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Right-click each starting item and select ‘Disable’ from the context menu that appears.
  • Return to the ‘Startup’ tab of the ‘System Configuration’ window and click the ‘OK’ button after you’ve closed Task Manager.

Restart your computer after you’ve made all the adjustments, and then relaunch Red Dead Redemption 2 to see if the error has been resolved.

Fix 2: Remove SGA files.

Relic Entertainment video games use System Global Area (SGA) game data files to store their data. Depending on the application, data in these files might include everything from graphics and maps to audio files and game scripting. The .sga file extension is an easy way to recognize an SGA file. These files are frequently compressed.

The users could also fix the RDR 2 ERR GFX STATE problem by deleting SGA files, and it turned out. Follow these steps to discover whether this change has the same effect on you.

  • Press the Windows key and the letter E on your keyboard simultaneously. When you do this, the File Explorer/Windows Explorer will open up on your computer.
  • Click Document in the left-hand panel of File Explorer.
  • Once you’ve done that, go to the Settings screen in Red Dead Redemption 2. The following screen will display a list of available files.
  • Look for SGA files with the .sga file extension in the Settings folder.
  • Delete all the SGA files you see by selecting them all and then clicking the Delete button.

Restart Red Dead Redemption 2 and check to see if the error has been resolved after clearing all SGA files.

Fix 3: Deactivate the overclocking feature.

There’s a common thread among people who’ve run into this problem. MSI Afterburner or other GPU-tuning applications are required for this. Overclocked graphics cards aren’t supported in Red Dead Redemption 2. Thus this is what appears to be happening. The game can become unstable and potentially crash if you overclock it.

Turn Off overclocking on your system if you have it enabled to rule this out and see if it fixes the issue.

Fix 4: Setting parameters to run the game

One such option is to use command-line arguments when launching the game. Defining launch arguments will allow you to start your game with specific parameters while preventing the ERR GFX STATE issue from occurring. Depending on the game launcher, the procedure for defining launch arguments may be slightly different.

Using the Rockstar Games launcher for Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Go to your PC and run the Rockstar Games launcher.
  • Then select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Red Dead Redemption 2 from the My Installed Games menu.
  • There should be a textbox next to Launch arguments when you click on it.
  • Add the -ignorpipelinecache command-line argument to that text box. [Type as it is with (-) hyphen]

Now try relaunching your game to see if the fix worked.

Using Epic Games launcher for Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Download and install the Epic Games Launcher on your computer. Click Settings in the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Look for Red Dead Redemption 2 at the bottom of the page. Now, you need to should select the Additional Command Line Arguments checkbox.
  • Type -ignorepipelinecache into the text box. [A hyphen separates command line parameters (–) before entering the value.]

Test your game by going back to the Main Menu and launching it.

Using the Steam launcher for Red Dead Redemption 2

  •  Start Steam and log in with your Steam credentials. Right-click on Red Dead Redemption 2 in LIBRARY and choose Properties from the shortcut menu that appears.
  • Click SET LAUNCH OPTIONS in the Properties window to set the launch options for the application.
  • Add -ignorepipelinecache to the text box. After that, click OK to confirm your changes. [A hyphen (–) separates the command line parameters.]

Relaunch Red Dead Redemption 2 after making the necessary adjustments to the launch arguments, and verify whether the issue still persists or has been resolved.

Fix 5: Check for Updates of your Graphics Driver

In many cases, the cause of a game bug was found to be an incompatible driver, notably one for the graphics or video card.

Update or reinstall your computer’s video card driver to make sure it’s not the problem. Drivers can be manually updated or updated automatically, depending on your preferences.

To manually update your drivers, you will first need to locate the correct version of the driver and then download and install it. As a result, this approach necessitates both time and technical expertise. You may click below to reach the official website of the manufacturer of your Graphics Card.



Automatic driver updates are an option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of doing it manually. You’ll need specialized software for this, which you may find online. These resources can be obtained for nothing or for a bit of a fee.

Then, open the program and use the built-in commands to look for your system’s relevant driver, which will do an automatic upgrade.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the video card driver is required if the graphics card or video card software becomes corrupted. Both manually and automatically are possible methods of accomplishing this task.

Reboot your computer after upgrading or reinstalling the driver to use the new software and bring up-to-date system services.

Repeat this process until you successfully launch Red Dead Redemption 2 without encountering the ERR GFX STATE problem.

Additional Ideas

Other useful modifications include creating three read-only, empty text files and renaming them to SGA. For RDR 2, you will have to generate these files in the location where you installed the game.

The bug may be fixed by switching from Vulkan to DirectX 12 rendering. In this case, it’s conceivable that Vulkan isn’t compatible with your graphics hardware, leading to choppy performance.

At The End

To sum it up, various bugs are responsible for the same error message. There is a chance that will occur if your GPU or RAM is overclocked. Players can receive it at random. As a result, a slew of solutions only works for a subset of the population. The fixes in this page should, however, assist you in resolving the issue so you may continue playing your game without interruption.


  1. Guys I tried EVERYTHING I found here and on all the other sites and blogs…. Nothing helped me….
    Then I looked into Settings File – I found it here. I guess you all know how to locate this:
    C:\Users\User\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings

    Then open the Settings file using NOTEPAD.

    At the bottom of the file you will see:

    Change the “windowed value=2 into 0

    This is how it should look like:

    And I am commenting this here when the game is running fine in the background STILL without Crashing…. Take Care!

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