Fix: YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off

Youtube is an amazing place with unlimited knowledge and entertainment, and just to keep kids safe, Youtube introduced a restricted mode to remove mature or violence-related videos potentially. However, there are times when you want to access this kind of video out of mere curiosity or news. But many users report that the Youtube Restricted mode won’t turn off even after multiple attempts.

Whenever this happens, you will be thrown with an error message saying – This video is unavailable with Restricted mode enabled or YouTube Restricted mode turned on by the network administrator. Let us see what can we do to turn this feature off and enable you to watch Youtube easily.

Fix YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off

Fix: YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off

If you intentionally want to limit your Youtube experience, then you can turn this feature off. But for the majority of it, it will block many videos and potentially news videos as well. So here are some troubleshooting methods if you are facing issues with turning this feature off.

Disable Restrict Mode

It’s quite possible that you have this mode enabled and you don’t know how to disable it. Don’t worry as this process is quite simple and easy. Please note that process is account specific and not device-specific. So, once you disable this mode on your account, all the devices using your account will disable this feature as well.


Open on your PC browser, and click on your account icon.

Here go to Restricted mode settings and disable this feature.

Fix YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off

Furthermore, click on the “Unlock restricted mode on this browser” option as well.

Now refresh the page and see if it helps.

Don’t use Youtube Kids

If you are primarily using Youtube Kids app to consume your entertainment, then it is impossible to disable the restrictions here. This app is specially designed for kids to make sure they remain away from harmful, mature and violent videos. If you wish to access such content, you have to use the official Youtube app instead of Youtube Kids.

Check Account Restrictions

If your personal Google Account is linked to a Family app, then your parents can enable this restricted mode as well. So you will not be able to disable it by yourself, you have to ask your parents to disable it.

If you think this is a mistake and you have access to your Family link app, you can disable the restriction on your account.

If you are using a company or school-owned device, then you won’t be able to turn this feature off. Since the device is managed by the organisation, they can lock these restrictions according to their policy. So try to use Youtube and other entertainment apps on your personal device.

Check Network Restrictions

Due to certain movement policies, Youtube may disable access to certain videos which may provoke violence, terror and hatred. If such events are happening in your particular region, then they will be automatically censored by Youtube. You may check regarding these restrictions on the official page here.

Log Out From Chrome Account

If you use multiple accounts on your Chrome, then the restrictions put on your secondary account might affect your youtube experience. So it’s better to remove all secondary accounts from your Chrome sync tab.

Open Chrome Settings. You can also type chrome://settings/ to open the setting page.

Fix YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off

Here, under the account section, click on Turn off button.

Turning off your sync will remove your account and any restrictions associated with it.

Disable Internet Protection Antivirus

Many Antivirus software comes with extended internet protection support. This is to provide a safe internet experience, especially if kids are using the device. However, this software can restrict the usage of Youtube and can put a permanent restriction as well. Maybe the reason you are facing the restricted mode issue is because of any Antivirus program you have used.


So these are some working ways to fix YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off. Please note that sometimes the effect will take place after 5-10 minutes you turn off the feature. So make sure to refresh the search page or video which you want to view after turning this feature off.

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