GTA Online Stash House Location and Safe Code Today

GTA Online has never failed to entertain users with new gaming experiences. The developers have always tried to add something new that should excite the users the most. As there are many things that the users can do in the game, it’s obvious that you might know about the Stash House. If you have been playing GTA Online for a long time, you might have also gotten into trading and other game locations from where you can get different missions to complete. Whether it’s trading or finding some items in the game, GTA Online players are always excited to do everything.

Similarly, there are a lot of players who are very much excited to know about the GTA Online Stash House Location and the safe code for it today. If you are the player who still does not know about the Stash House and Safes present in the houses, then you are missing out on exciting things in the game. But don’t worry; we will help you understand the GTA Online Stash House, its location in the game, and the safe code that will help you get exciting rewards. So, without taking more time, let’s get started with the guide to the GTA Online Stash House Location and Safe Code.

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What is GTA Online Stash House? 

The players who don’t know about the GTA Online Stash House should not worry about it. The Stash House is a place which you will be able to find in the daily events. As we know, the game is based on the mafia life, so you will be getting the Stash House from where you can get important supplies that are only for you throughout the daily event. With the help of those supplies, you will be able to kill your enemies and get ahead in the game. You have to break into the Stash House. Once you are in the house, you will see supplies here and there. Also, in the Stash House, you will be getting the Safe.

The safe will surely contain some expensive items or money that will help you throughout the game. However, getting access to Safe is not easy. As the safe contains some hefty items and money, so you will need to have a safe code that you can use to unlock the Safe, which is available in the Stash House. With the help of the right safe code, the players can unlock the safe that is in the Stash House. To help the users open the Safe from the Stash House, we will give you the updated safe code combination to open the stash house safes. However, the users can open any safe with the listed Safe Code, which will be listed below. To understand more about it, first, check the GTA Online Stash House Location.

GTA Online Stash House Location

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You might be considering where the Stash House is located in GTA Online. The Stash House in GTA Online is available in different places, which we will list below. In the below-listed location, you will be going to see the supplies. Also, the safe will be in any location, and the safe codes are changed daily. Thus, check the Stash House location, which is listed below.

  • Union Road and Senora Freeway
  • Harmony (Route 68)
  • Close to Baytree Canyon Road
  • Paleto Bay (Pyrite Avenue)
  • Alta Street and Power Street
  • Strawberry (between Strawberry Avenue & Innocence Boulevard)
  • Close to West Mirror Drive
  • Mutiny Road and South Arsenal Street in La Puerta
  • Vespucci Boulevard (Little Seoul)
  • North bank (Alamo Sea)
  • At Joshua Road in Sandy Shores
  • Grapeseed location (Union Road)
  • Around Dorset Drive in Morningwood
  • Cat-Claw Avenue in Grand Senora Desert
  • Las Lagunas Boulevard
  • Close to Senora Freeway
  • Dutch London Street (South Los Santos)
  • Orchardville Avenue (East Los Santos)
  • Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Eclipse Boulevard
  • El Rancho Boulevard (East Los Santos)
  • Tonga Valley (Route 68)
  • Great Ocean Highway and Barbareno Road, located at Chumash
  • Armadillo Avenue & Niland Avenue (Sandy Shores)
  • Vitus Street and Cortes Street at Vespucci

Hey Guys! We have will update more locations once they are available.

GTA Online Stash House Location and Safe Code Today

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Here is the GTA Online Stash House Safe Code that you can use to open the Safes in the Stash House. However, we will be listing many safe codes, but only one of them will be working at a Stash House location to open the Safe. Thus, you have to use all the Safe Codes listed below to check which one works for the particular Stash House.

  • 77-79-73
  • 73-27-38
  • 72-68-83
  • 44-23-37
  • 01-23-45
  • 24-10-81
  • 02-12-87
  • 05-02-91
  • 28-11-97
  • 28-03-98

We will update the article with more safe codes once they are available.

Note: Only one Stash House will be available during the 24 hours of the game. You must know its location from the above Stash House Location we have listed. Once you have the location of the Stash House, you can use the combinations listed above one by one to check which one works for unlocking the Safe Codes.

Wrapping Up

Thousands of players love playing the GTA Online game. The players are mad about the game’s concept the developers have made. As there are many things to do, it’s obvious that you might know about the Stash House. If you have been playing GTA Online for a long time, you might think of different ways to get different items in the game. With the help of GTA Online Stash House, you can get hefty supplies.

You will also get the Safe in the game, which you can unlock with the help of the GTA Online Safe Code Combinations. The combinations are updated daily according to the time in the game. We will update the Safe Codes so you can get expensive items or hefty money from them. That’s it for this guide. We will keep updating the post for you to get the latest Safe Codes combination to open the Safes, which are in the GTA Online Stash House. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comment section below.

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