How To Reset Vizio TV In Seconds | Factory Reset Guide

The standard troubleshooting for every technical problem is to reset the device. You may perform a factory reset on VIZIO TV for various reasons, like an unstable screencast, some issue in the recent update, a wireless or Bluetooth connection not working, etc. Here, we know how to reset VIZIO TV in a few seconds with all alternate factory reset methods.

VIZIO is the largest LCD TV seller in North America and is known for selling TVs and Soundbars. One more reason for the popularity of VIZIO TV is that it is an entry-level, budget-friendly TV that provides many features and a much-needed product for every home. It’s a generation of intelligent TVs that turn the whole meaning of TV. You can do many things with Vizio TV, like casting your mobile and watching your favorite content on various OTT platforms and Live TV.

How To Reset Vizio TV In Seconds Factory Reset Guide

How To Reset Vizio TV In Seconds | Factory Reset Guide

Resetting your TV will resolve many tiny as well as significant issues. However, it is not a permanent solution. We recommend contacting customer service for assistance if any problems are not fixed after the reset. Here are some common problems that can be rectified with the Factory Reset.

  • Vizio TV is running slow or lagging while watching the TV.
  • The turn-off and Turn-on of the Vizio TV is not working properly with the remote.
  • Screencast/smart cast is not working for many apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • The TV screen turns black while opening certain apps.
  • To erase everything and start the TV as new, a factory reset is necessary before selling it to anyone.
  • Any Audio, Video, or wireless connectivity issues on the Vizio TV.

Reset Vizio TV In Seconds From Settings

  • Turn on the Vizio TV and press the Menu from the TV remote.
  • Then scroll down and press the ok button for the System option.
  • Next, choose the Admin and privacy option from the menu.

  • After that, select Reset to Factory settings.

  • Now, the Vizio TV will ask for a code to enter and reset the TV. By default, the code is 0000, but in case you change it, you can put your code.
  • After entering the code, select the Reset option.
  • Wait until the reset process is complete. Then, the system will reboot to clear all data.

Reset Vizio TV In Seconds Without Remote

This method is for those who lost or broke their Vizio TV remote. In this case, we use the TV’s physical buttons. The TV has a physical button for power, an input button, and a volume up and down button.

  • Turn on the Vizio TV by pressing the power button.
  • Now press the input button + volume down button together for a few seconds.
  • Then, wait till the TV shows instructions to reset on the screen.
  • Now, to perform the factory reset, press and hold the input button.
  • Wait till the device is restarted and showing set-up information on the screen.

Reset Vizio TV In Seconds From Service Menu

Like a separate menu on computers and smartphones, Vizio TV also has a service menu. It is used when anything does not work to perform a factory reset or test the TV’s primary function. If the buttons are not working properly, try cleaning them or pressing a bit hard to reset the Vizio TV.

  • Turn off the TV and press and hold the channel up and down button simultaneously.
  • Hold the channel buttons, then press and release the power button on the device.
  • Next, leave the channel buttons and press the menu on the TV’s remote.
  • Hold the menu button for a few seconds when you see a pop-up of the menu again.
  • After that, the Service menu will appear on the Vizio TV screen.
  • Now select the factory reset from the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

Reset Vizio TV In Seconds From Clear Memory

  • Turn on the TV and press the Menu button from the remote.

  • Now scroll down and select the Info from the menu. If not available on the menu, then check whether it is under the system option.
  • After selecting the info button, choose the clear memory from the available options.
  • Then it may ask you for the pin to move further. Put the default pin 0000 if you do not change it.
  • Please wait till the device clears the memory and restarts itself.
  • After that, the screen will show you the setup screen.


Here are the various methods to do a factory reset on your Vizio Smart TV. It will resolve any major or minor soccer issue with a new update or any bug that affects your viewing experience. If any of the above methods are not working or you face any difficulty to factory reset the Vizio TV, let us know in the comment box. For more technical information, please take a peek at our website.

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