7 Ways to increase your YouTube video views for free

YouTube is now not just a video sharing platform it is multi-million dollars booming industry. Anybody who has a smartphone on their hands can make a profit out of YouTube by making videos. The tag name YouTuber gains much more professional value rather than fun or entertaining level. Your profit depending upon how much reach your videos can get into the viewers. That means more views of your videos on YouTube will generate more money. Here are the seven free ways to increase your YouTube views.

Make your content interesting

Your content is the core of your video. Strong and interesting content will make your job half done. Spend quality time on your content, do research and always avoid the obvious and cliché materials. If you are a beginner try to do something you can relate. Keeping the audience engaged in the video is the key success of a trending video.

Keep things simple

Always try to explain things in a simple way. It is effectively connected with people. Remember, do not complicate simple things and do simplify a complex thing.

Post often

Try to upload new videos within a frequent period. That will automatically create anticipation in your audience. Slowly help to create a bond between them. But always make sure you give them something fresh.

Pick a perfect tag

Search engine optimization or SEO is always played a crucial role in the web searching process. Think about what is your targeted audience will search for your video. Add all those keywords to your video tags. More tags will help the video to reach the audience much faster.

Use a custom thumbnail

The default thumbnails preferred by YouTube is not always good. Take some stills separately at the time of the shooting.create some interesting custom thumbnails for the video.

Use a short and catchy title

Short and catchy phrases always easy to remember which help you in the mouth publicity and it will always create attention in the viewers while they are browsing on YouTube.

Promote yourself

Self-promotion is one of the old school ways to reach your content to more people but it is still efficient enough. Today you can use social media to share the link to the video with your friends and family. Also, you can ask them to share with their other friends too.

These are the seven ways you can increase the number of views of your YouTube videos. But there one thing you should always take care of when you create visual content. Keep a level of quality in your video and audio. A video is always a visual experience. Keep that in your mind.

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