How to Fix If Instagram Save to Collection is Not Working

In this guide, I will tell you how to fix the problem if Instagram Save to Collection feature is not working. This feature is very useful to sort out pictures that belong to any particular event. I mean you visited a tourist place. Over the months, you keep uploading your pictures from that trip. However, the photos from your trip will tend to get mixed up with various other photos that you keep uploading. I mean everyone these days uploads an average of two to three photos per day on Instagram. When you search for a particular photo from your trip it will take endless scrolling to find it. So, Instagram save to collection feature helps you organize your images for easy access.

However, sometimes glitches happen and this feature doesn’t work. So, it will be a headache for those Insta users who like their photos well organized. The troubleshooting I have explained here is pretty simple to carry out. So, dive into the guide, and let’s see how we can fix up this issue.

Instagram Save to Collection feature

Using the Save to Collection Feature

First, let me explain how does this feature work. I know a lot of our readers may not be social media savvy. So, they tend to miss out on these intricate features that various social media platforms offer.

  • Make sure you’re logged in to your Instagram account
  • Go through your photos and pick any of your favorite photos
  • Below the image, on the right-hand side, you should see a symbol.
  • Tap on it and this action will save your photo
  • Now our target is to categorize it. For instance, I want to put the above image into a collection of photos titled Goa Trip.
  • To do that tap on the Save to Collection symbol to create a new collection
    Instagram Save to Collection
  • Type in the name of the collection as per your choice
    Instagram Save to Collection Create New collection

Access the Collection of Saved Images

Now, you may wonder all those photos you saved, were did it went.? It’s again easy to access that.

  • On your profile tap on the hamburger button 
  • From the expanding menu, select Saved
    Find saved Collection of photos
  • You will be redirected to your default as well as the customized collection of photos you have saved.

All the posts you save, you can only see them. If you save someone else’s photo, they won’t be knowing that you saved it(provided their account sharability is set to public viewing). If the account is private then no way you are going to have access to their media.


When you save any image from your main Instagram vault, by default all the images get saved into one collection if you do not create a separate collection for particular photos of your choice.

How to Fix If Instagram Save to Collection Not Working

Android apps are after all technical things. We know that time and again tech snags do happen. So, what to do if the Instagram save to collection feature is not working. Worry not.! Here are some of the easiest fixes for this issue.

Update the App

Most of the time we do not update our applications. So, if the build of the APK is buggy, naturally one or two features will not work. So, head over to the Play Store(Android users) or App Store(iOS users) and check if any new update is available

For Android users,

  • Go to Play Store > tap on the hamburger menu
  • Select My Apps & Games
  • Check the List of Apps waiting to get an update
  • If Instagram is listed in that tap on Update

Close and Re-launch Instagram

if you have already installed an update to your app, and still you are facing hiccups, then try this method. Simple close it, wait for a few minutes, and then open it. Sometimes, due to a lot of programs running simultaneously, the smartphone may hang. So, some of the apps may not work. This method of troubleshooting should make some difference and get the save feature to work again on Instagram.

Clear Cache of the Application

Sometimes due to frequently accessing an app many temporary files are created and stored in the cache memory. So, at one point in time, this will lead to a shortage of memory. So, we start facing hanging issues or certain features of the app do not work as intended. Hence, we have to clear the cache of the application.

  • Go to Settings > App & Notifications [this step may vary a little from device to device]
  • Tap on See All Apps  [basically, we want to get access to the list of apps installed on our devices]
  • A list of installed apps will show up
  • Scroll down to Instagram > tap on it to open it
  • Now select Storage & Cache
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Storage
  • Then restart device
  • Launch Instagram. Check if the Save to Collection feature is working or not.

Uninstall and Re-install Instagram

This is not something everyone has to do. If only the previously mentioned troubleshoot methods did not yield any results then try uninstalling Instagram.

For android users, you can simply long-press on the app icon. You should get a quick menu that has an uninstall option. Simply tap on it and you will be good to go. This one is mostly for the latest Android OS versions.

If any user is on a significantly older version of Android OS then head over to Play Store.

  • Tap on Hamburger menu > select My Apps & Games > tap on Installed
  • Tap on Instagram from the list of apps that are installed on your phone.
  • In the next screen, tap on Uninstall.

Then install them back from Playstore or app store depending upon whichever OS you are using.

[googleplay url=””]

So, that’s it, guys. This was all about how the Instagram Save to Collection feature works and how to fix if the feature does not work as intended. I hope that you found the guide useful. Do check out our other interesting guides on social media as well.


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