Instagram Shadow Ban: How To Fix It in 2023

Instagram is a great way to promote your art, products, or work to a large audience. A lot of influencers use Instagram and grow with time. The follower count of an Instagram account increases when the account reaches a lot of audiences and that audience likes to follow the account. People use various ways, like hashtags, to grow their accounts. This way, their account reaches a larger audience and gets displayed on Instagram discover page.

Instagram discover page shows your posts to those not following you, and this way, more audience get to know about your account. This is the best way to increase the engagement of your account. Sometimes it doesn’t go that way, and your post doesn’t reach the audience that is not following you. It is called the Instagram shadowban. If you are an old internet user, you must know the word Shadow Ban. One day your account is growing, you are receiving a lot of audiences, and the other day you suddenly lose all the engagement.

Instagram Shadow Ban: How To Fix It in 2020

Instagram Shadow Ban: How To Fix It in 2023

Normally Shadow Ban means a user is blocked online in a way, but he is not aware of it. It kills the reach of the accounts in a way that the content doesn’t reach those not following the account. In other words, the account becomes dead. It is dangerous for your account, but here we will help you fix the Shadow Ban issue.

Steps How to fix Shadow Ban on Instagram

Instagram provides no official way to fix it, but we have researched and found some solutions that can help you.

delete hashtags from your recent posts

If you have used any broken hashtag, then that could lead you to the Shadow Ban. This happens because of some hashtag glitches. Some broken hashtags break your other hashtags as well, and this way, your reach becomes limited. As you don’t know which broken hashtag you used, Deleting all the hashtags could help you.

decrease your activities on Instagram

Instead of continually posting, reduce your posting. Take a gap of 3-4 days between posts. This creates a lack of activity on your account. According to some users, this lack of activities on account works as a reset button and lifts up the Shadow Ban.

Report your problem to Instagram

You can always use the report a problem feature to get help from technical support. If you are facing Shadow Ban and it is not getting lifted, you can report this to Instagram. Go to your Instagram setting, and then click on report a problem to report the issue. Explain the issue and submit it. This way, technical support will look into the matter and help you in fixing it.

Do not use any third-party software

There are many different websites and software that provide fake likes as well as fake or bot followers for Instagram. This might look great, but it is not profitable for you to account at all. This will harm your account, and it might cause Shadow Ban on your account. If you are using any of this software or website, stop it right now.

Since Instagram officials have not released any official fix for this Shadow Ban issue above mentioned methods are the only way to fix it. We advise you to keep your account followers friendly because if your account has offensive content and gets reported to many times, it can cause a Shadow Ban too. In addition, we advise you not to switch in-between business accounts and private accounts. This way, you can keep your account safe from Shadow Ban.

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