Made A Payment or Transaction to Wrong Person in Venmo?

For payment sharing and online transactions, Venmo is an excellent app. But what if you made a payment or transaction to the wrong person in Venmo by mistake? What should you do then? We are gonna discuss that here; Venmo has an excellent feature that you can use if you have paid the wrong person.

Another interesting aspect of Venmo, which helps a lot in such a situation, is that after payments are sent. The funds will be made available to the recipient.

There are various methods by which you can still safeguard your money even if you made a successful transaction in Venmo. Thanks to great customer support, you can fil a request ticket. Also, you can make a charge request, which, if accepted, will get your money back instantly. Let’s see how these methods work.

Made A Payment or Transaction to Wrong Person in Venmo

Made A Payment or Transaction to the Wrong Person in Venmo?

Making a transaction to the wrong can be a horrible nightmare for some people. But don’t worry, as your money is safe. If you can explain the situation to the customer care, then surely they will help you out. But there are other methods too.

Send a Charge Request

The first thing you should do if you have paid the wrong person is to send a charge request. Make sure that you send the charge request of the same amount that you have mistakenly paid. If the person recognizes that you have paid the money by mistake, surely he/she will send you the money back.

Moreover, you can also include a note in your charge request, so the other person will know that you have sent the amount by mistake. Also, include a note with a request that you want your money back. Once they have gone through your notes and change requests, if they accept the request, the amount will be added to your Venmo account.

Contact the Venmo Support Team

But what if you ask them nicely and they don’t respond? Then how could you get your money back? Well, if you have sent a charge request and you don’t get your money back. Then there is nothing much you can do. The best thing you must do is to contact the Support team of Venmo.

Explain your situation to them properly, and they will try their best to recover your money. However, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back because, ultimately, it depends on the person.

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Whom you have mistakenly sent the money if they are Good people, they will send your money back. But if they want to rob you, they won’t respond. Even worse, they might block you.

While you contact the Venmo support team, you must provide crucial information, which includes the usernames, amount you sent, date of the payment—also, other details like phone number, email address, real name, etc.

Suppose you have sent the money via the phone number or email, who doesn’t have an active Venmo account. Then you are in luck. You can go to the payment section and cancel the payment there. Go to incomplete, and on the payment tab, click on the Take Back button. The same is true if you have sent the payment via iMessage.


By using these methods, you can take your money back even if you send money mistakenly to the wrong participant. In most scenarios, the recipient doesn’t accept the money from unknown senders. So it will automatically get back to your account in 3-4 days. But if not, you can use the above methods to get legitimate help.

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