Pokémon Go Stunfisk Great League Guide: How to capture and best moveset

Pokémon Go announced the Tricky Pokémon event on April 1 this year with some new challenges and Pokémon. Stunfisk is one of the new additions in the game, and you can capture the Pokémon even after the event ends.

The Pokémon Go Great League reward system will also award you with the Pokémon Stunfisk. It’ll be available to you as a random encounter after you gain the fourth rank in the league. After winning at least four out of five battles in the Battle League, Stunfisk will be a regular Pokémon encounter. In this post, we will show you how to capture Stunfisk and discuss its best moveset.

How to Capture Stunfisk

Pokémon Go Stunfisk Great League Guide: How to capture and best moveset

In case you didn’t already know, Stunfisk is ground and electric-type Pokémon. It has a max CP of 2,162, with an attack at 144, stamina at 240, and defense at 171. Although it’s not a great Pokémon to be in your collection, it is a good beginner choice for those who’re starting out in the Great League.

You can capture Stunfisk in the wild, but it isn’t easy to capture it forever. The Pokémon could be taken out of the Battle League rewards and will most likely become easier to capture during future special events. As mentioned earlier, after reaching level 4, you will encounter Stunfisk randomly, and you can capture it. You could also complete the ‘Earn 3 Candy while walking your Buddy Pokemon’ task to earn the Pokémon. If you can’t go out to capture the Pokémon, you can use the Incense to attract Stunfisk. As of right now, Incense will last for 1 hour, which gives you enough time to wait for the Pokémon to spawn itself near you.

Stunfisk Pokémon also has a Galarian version, which will be available during the 7-kilometer eggs Throwback Challenge tasks in June this year. You will be able to encounter the Galarian Stunfisk randomly during some of the tasks.


Stunfisk Best Moveset

Stunfisk has two types of moves, Fast moves and Charge moves. Mud shot, and Thunder Shock is its fast moves, which can generate a high rate of energy. Thundershock is considered one of its best moves and this can cause some damage to the opponent. Under charge moves, Stunfisk has Muddy Water, Mud Bomb, and Discharge. All the charge moves only need less than 45 energy, and are best when paired with fast moves.

Discharge is another good move that requires 45 energy and causes 65 damage. It is an electric attack and needs 5 Fast moves to be activated. If you’ve got Stunfisk in your arsenal, you should play it as a starting Pokémon. The best Stunfisk movesets are Thunder Shock and Discharge, or Mud Shot and Discharge, or Thunder Shock and Mud bomb. As you can see, a combination of both Fast Moves and Charge Moves is the best moveset for this Pokémon. It’s also a good idea to check your team to determine the best moveset for Stunfisk. If you’re using this Pokémon as the first in a battle, then you could also use Mud Shot and Thunder Shock. You can also use Mud Shot and Mud Bomb with Discharge when taking on a lot of metas.

There you are. That’s how you can capture Stunfisk in Pokémon Go Great League. The above-mentioned movesets are the best for this type of Pokémon, and it will fare you well in the battle against a similar or slightly more powerful Pokémon. If you have any questions or ideas about capturing Stunfisk and its best moves, then please use the comments section below.

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