PS4 is slow? How to fix PlayStation Lagging or Slowing problems?

If you are getting troubled by slow running or lagging PS4, your PS4 is not performing well; then, you have a solution here. Your PS4 performance is not up to the mark; then, you will get annoyed and get intolerable. The slow pace of the PS4 not only affects just one game but changes everything. It is slow and lagging.

This trouble can happen due to several reasons, sometimes because of hardware failure or any external storage devices. If the lag occurred due to hardware failure, you have to consult a technician to fix the problem. Otherwise, you can easily fix the lagging issue following our useful tips and instructions. Following our reliable guidelines, you can easily overcome this problem.


Before getting into the solution, you need to know what is PS4;

What is PS4?

The PlayStation 4(PS4) is a home video game console (eighth generation) developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This new, improved PS4 comes with enhanced buttons and analog sticks, and an integrated touchpad, and more other features. Using PS4, users can play games from a disc or downloaded them directly into the computer.

Symptoms of PS4 slowness

You can find several symptoms that give signs PS4 is slow or lagging;

  • PS4 takes a long loading time if it is the game/app or even the Boot-up process. When the loading process is slow, this is the first symptom.
  • While copying applications, games, or media files, PS4 taking too much time to finish the process that indicates your game console is slow. In case sometimes this lagging can happen due to an external storage device, so need to check that also.
  • In some situations you will suffer PS4 lagging only when playing games, you have to notice that if the lagging problem is occurring only when playing games online. Then there will be a problem with the internet connection. As well as the lagging can happen in playing some particular games.

Some reasons for PS4 slowness and some tips to overcome

There are several reasons behind PS4 slowness; it may be due to software error or related to hardware also.

PS4 hard drive does not have enough space

If your hard drive space gets full more than 95%, obviously PS4 runs slowly. In such a situation, there will not be any space to save the temporary files required for operating apps. As a result, PS4 will start lagging and getting slow.

Hard drive space filled up by games, applications, and updates. Along with these media files, temporary files, and deleted games/apps files. Therefore all this dominates a lot of shortage of space on the hard drive.

To overcome this situation, you can do a few things;

  • First of all, try to Rebuild the PS4 database, this is the best process when your PS4 hard drive consumes a lot of its storage space.
  • Often free up more storage space.
  • You purchase a larger internal hard drive to resolve this issue.
  • While buying a new external hard drive and connecting it to your PS4 to work as a storage extension; thus, you can solve this issue.

Installation of improper game/app

Very recently, have you installed any game /app; this may be the reason for your PS4 performing at a slow pace. Awkward games/apps may corrupt the performance of PS4. To solve this issue, you can simply uninstall the game/app and reinstall it. In some situations, an unsuccessful update of a game/app may cause a lagging PS4.

Follow this step to fix the issue;

  • Uninstall problematic game/app
  • Rebuild PS4 Database
  • Again reinstall the particular game/app

Wrong installation of PS4 System Software

In many situations, most of the users suffered a slow performance of PS4 due to the lousy installation and update of PS4 system software. Such an error can happen due to an interrupted internet connection or a rapid hardware failure while in an installation process. To solve this issue, you can try the installation process again, and it does not solve the problem. You can completely uninstall the game/app.

Damaged PS4 hard drive

As we know, due to many reasons your PS4 gets lagging, in some situations, the problem occurs due to the poor function of the hard drive. Because in the performance of the PS4 home video game console, the role of the PS4 hard drive is fundamental. The hard drive plays a vital role in saving all the data and is compelled to send and receive data to and from the CPU for processing. If this function is not working properly, your PS4 will lag.

To solve the PS4 hard drive problem follow below instructions;

The main problem of the bad performance of the PS4 hard drive is mainly due to improper maintenance. Your PS4 hard disk needs Full format at least once a year; otherwise, the hard disk may degrade. So you have to format your PS4 HDD to maintain its high performance, and it may cause you to eliminate all errors the drive undergoes.

Infected external hard drive

If you are suffering from PS4 lag only when you play games on the external device. The problem will be the external hard disk. PS4 lag will happen when an infected peripheral is connected. This external hard drive will make trouble in PS4 high performance.

To get rid of this issue, you have a choice; format the external hard drive. While performing full format, it will help to erase any bad sector or system files error on the particular disk.

Poor internet connection

In case your PS4 performs well offline and the level of performance falls only online, then it may be the cause of your internet connection.

You can follow the below steps to correct your internet connection;

  • Enable your Router’s guest network- if the internet signal is too weak, you have to enable the guest network on your router and connect the PS4 to that. Before you connect, you need to open a Web Browser app to punch in the guest access code.
  • Turn of other devices on your network- turn off other game consoles and other computers on your network
  • Adjust your system close to the Router- if you move your system close to the router, it will help to receive signals better than before.

Unhealthy PS4 Hardware

In some cases, your PS4 lag will happen due to the damaged internal hardware. It might be damage to your RAM, CPU, motherboard, or any other parts.

In such a situation, you need to seek help from a technical expert to fix this issue.

Solutions for PS4 lag or slowing problem

There are mainly three leading solutions to fix the issue.

  • Rebuilding PS4 Database
  • Initializing PS4
  • PS4 hard drive format

Rebuilding PS4 Database

While doing a Rebuilt database, it does a defragment of the PS4 and solves the issue. This process helps to free up some needed space and improve the speed of the console. The Rebuilt cleans the disc drive through scanning the drive and creates a new database of all content. Thus your PS4 runs faster and showcases better performance.

Follow these steps to initiating a database Rebuilt;

  • Before doing this process, make sure your PS4 is powered down.
  • Then boot up your PS4 in Safe Mode, you will be taken to a menu
  • There select the “Rebuilt database.”
  • The screen will go back if the process is going on; in such a situation, there is no need to worry. The Rebuilt process takes a few times and doesn’t turn off the console at the time the procedure is going on.

Initialize PS4

Initializing is the best solution to save more hard drive space. You have to do this process once a while; otherwise, useless files pile up, and caches fill up with junk data and programs. You have to do this process in your video game console while the console is lagging.

Follow this step for initialization;

  • First of all, go to Safe Mode
  • Then to ‘Quick and Full initialization.’
  • Select ‘Full Initialization’ to wipe the system. It takes a few minutes to complete the process

PS4 hard drive format

While doing full format, it helps to erase every single error your PS4 endure. If your hard drive has a severe physical problem, then you are helpless to do anything. There you need the help of a technician.

Follow this step to format PS4 internal hard drive;

  • Remove the PS4 hard drive from the exact place and connect it to the computer. Before doing this, please ensure your computer is turned off.
  • Turn on the computer and let it recognize the connected hard drive
  • Then go to ‘Disk Management’ and right-click the new hard drive, then select the “Format” option
  • Type a descriptive name for the drive in the “Value Label.”
  • In the “File system,” choose FAT32
  • In the “Allocation unit menu” select the Default option
  • Then uncheck the “Perform a quick format.”
  • Then click the “Ok” button and follow the instruction in the format process

After format completion, connect the hard drive to PS4 and execute a complete system software installation.

Now you know several reasons for your PS4 slow performance and lagging. Most of the issues we can fix, and a few are out of our control. They need an experienced technical hand. After reading this writing, you can easily try to fix the issues and can turn your PS4 into a better performer. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment below in our comment box. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks.

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