How to Stop Anyone From Adding You to A WhatsApp Group

Do you get irritated if someone tries to add you to a random group on WhatsApp.? If you want to stop anyone from adding you to the WhatsApp groups, then this guide is for you. It is very confusing and a waste of time when you get constant messages from unknown people in some WhatsApp groups. Sometimes you may miss important messages due to such constant group message notifications. Also, you have to care about your privacy.

I like to keep my WhatsApp limited to my official work and for selected personal communication. Often, some unknown person randomly adds me to some WhatsApp group I don’t know about. So, to stop these I have enabled a setting on WhatsApp so that nobody will be able to add me to any group. Only when I wish to join a group, can I do so at my personal discretion.

How to Stop Anyone from Adding You to A WhatsApp Group

Here are the steps to disable any WhatsApp user from automatically adding you to any group on WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Tap the 3-dot button at the top-right corner
  • From the menu tap on Settings
    go to account Settings
  • Go to Account > next tap on Privacy
    WhatsApp settings page
  • Under Privacy navigate to the option Groups and  tap on it
    WhatsApp groups settings
  • There will be the tab Who can add me to groups
  • There will be three options: Everybody, My Contacts, and My Contacts except
  • If you don’t want anyone to add you into a group select My Contacts except
    add to WhatsApp group My contacts except
  • Then a list of your WhatsApp contacts will show up
  • Select the contacts by tapping on the checkbox beside their name
  • Those contacts won’t be able to add you to any groups
  • After you select the contacts tap on the Done button
  • Secondly, if you want only to be added into WhatsApp groups by people you know then select My Contacts

How to Avoid Getting Added to Groups by People You Know

Sometimes, people you know personally may coax you to join a certain group even if you don’t want to join. They will add you to various groups on their own. Then, the best thing is to clearly state your views by requesting them not to add you to any group via a personal WhatsApp message.

Otherwise, your friends and family members will keep adding you to a number of WhatsApp groups. I do not like getting unnecessary notifications so once sent a collective message to all my relatives regarding that. They stopped adding me to any group.

If it’s an unknown person trying to add you to any group frequently even if you have left that group previously, then block that person. Blocking is a simple way to keep the spammers at a distance. I hope that this guide was informative to you.

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