How to Fix Twitch App Error Code 995f9a12 using Xbox One

If you are an avid gamer and follow popular gamers around the world, then I presume you must have come across Twitch. Well, for those do not game a lot, this is a platform where gamers live-stream their gaming sessions. Now, you can access Twitch from multiple platforms. This means you can use it from Xbox console, PC and mobile as well.

Sometimes, users that access Twitch from Xbox come across an error. This is the Twitch App Error Code 995f9a12. In this guide, we will discuss in details about this error. We will cover why it happens and how to overcome it. How To Fix Twitch Error Code 995f9a12

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What Causes the Twitch App Error Code 995f9a12

  • The primary reason for the error can be the stream key of the user. If it’s inconsistent, then this error happens.
  • Alternate MAC address of the Xbox may also lead to this issue causing a stutter in the network
  • Any issue in the Xbox firmware can be a culprit for Twitch App error 995f9a12.

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How to TroubleShoot.?

Now, let’s see the various ways by which we can solve this error.

Use Power-Cycle Procedure

Basically, we will empty the power capacitors which is kind of similar to cache clear we perform on smartphone apps. In fact, this process will clear out the clutter in the cache hence improving the performance.

  • Press the power button of the Xbox Console until the LED flash button stops flashing
  • Now, wait for 2 minutes.
  • Switch on the console
  • You should see the boot-up animation. This means the power cycle procedure went perfectly.
  • Now launch the Twitch app. Check if you still get the 995f9a12 error.

Access Twitch from PC

  • Go to Twitch official Site 
  • Login from the PC but use the same credentials you use on your Xbox.
  • After you are able to log in, then click on your Avatar (right top corner)
  • Go to Settings > select Connections
  • Under that scroll down to Xbox One (as you use Twitch with Xbox)
  • Besides it, you see an option Disconnect. Click on it.
  • Now, use your Xbox One to connect to Twitch.

This should fix the Twitch app error code 995f9a12.

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Reset Twitch Stream Key to fix Twitch App Error Code

Here is how you can fix the primary reason that may cause the error to happen on Twitch. Normally, with Xbox, a stream key is assigned to the user, even if he has no plans to stream. This automatic key causes the error to show up. The possible situation is to reset the stream key and relaunch the Xbox.

  • Log in to Twitch from PC/smartphone from the same account as you use on the Xbox.
  • Click on the Avatar image(your account) > go to Settings
  • Now under that click Channel and Videos.
  • Then go to Stream Key & Preferences
  • The first option under that should be Primary Stream Key
  • Besides that, you should see a button Reset. Click on it.
  • Wait a while for the changes to integrate

Dealing with the Alternate MAC address

The alternate MAC address issue leading to the error code 995f9a12 happens when a user changes regularly between Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi. So, to fix this you have to

  • Make sure Xbox console is on
  • Press the Xbox button on the controller
  • Press the gear icon (for Settings)from the menu that appears.
  • Click on All Settings
  • Under the Network tab access Network Settings
  • In the next screen, click on Advanced Settings
  • Select Alternate MAC address
  • Click Clear
  • Restart Xbox
  • Now login to Twitch.

Now, the above method should fix the Twitch App Error Code 995f9a12.

So, that’s it. Now, that you know how to troubleshoot this particular error, you can enjoy streaming on Twitch seamlessly. I hope that you found the guide useful.


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