How To Fix Twitch Error Code 5000?

In this tutorial, we will list out the steps to fix the Twitch Error Code 5000. This video live streaming service allows you to get hold of live or recorded videos of esports, music broadcasts, among others. But it is with the live gaming streams that have escalated its position among the very best in this domain. However, it isn’t bereft with its fair share of issues as well. One of the most common and infuriating ones seems to be the ‘Content not available’ error.

This straightaway translates to the inability of the user to stream any content on this service. Many users across Reddit have also shared their concerns regarding the same. Some of the noticeable reasons why this might happen could include temporary data files being accrued over time, conflict with any Chrome extension, or issue with the DNS. In this guide, we will be listing out all the possible fixes for these issues that will in turn fix the Twitch Error Code 5000. Follow along.

How To Fix Twitch Error Code 5000?

What Causes the Error Code 5000 in Twitch?

The cause of Error Code 5000 is not clear. It can happen anytime. Sometimes it is a cache memory issue while the other time is a browser issue. So we have heard from the users that they are experiencing a problem while using the Twitch. Due to this, they are not able to enjoy the service to the fullest. So today, we will discuss the “Error Code 5000” and why this is so much disturbing. First, let’s talk about the possible reason for this “Error Code 5000.”

  1. Cache and Cookies: Cache and cookies are stored in the browser for fast retrieval of web pages. However, sometimes this cache memory can get corrupted and can cause various problems in the browser and also in video streaming. The cache memory corruption can even create multiple types of browsing problems.
  2. Extensions: Sometimes, various chrome extensions can also cause multiple issues. We have come to know that an extension named Ghostery is responsible for this. This extension is a cache cleaner extension and claims that if installed, it can make the browser faster and cleaner.
  3. Browser Issues:  We have come to know that in some cases, the browser is not compatible with the Twitch web site.
  4. DNS Issue: DNS is known as the Domain Name System. DNS is like the phonebook of the internet. When we search for anything, the DNS translates the website into an Internet Protocol that further uses this Protocol to connect to the site.

How to Fix the Error Code 5000 issue in Twitch?

Now we know the issues that might cause Twitch Error code 5000. So far, we will discuss the possible solutions that can be very helpful while experiencing such problems. So let’s start.

Clearing the Cache memory and Cookies.

Cache Memory and Cookies are helpful in the quick loading of webpages. Clearing the cache memory and cookies inside the browser can help minimize the error code 5000 issue or end it permanently. To remove the cache memory and cookies in Google Chrome, follow the steps below. 


Step 1: Click on the Menu button on the top right side of the browser and click on settings.

Step 2: In the settings menu, scroll down to clear browser and click on “Clear Browser History.”

Step 3: After that, a menu pops up, then tick the Check Boxes, indicating “Clear Cookies” and “Clear Cache.” Then click on Clear Data


When the Cookies and Cache get clear. Then restart the browser. The problem might be solved after this.

Disable Extensions

In most of the cases, browser extension proves to be helpful. But in the case of Twitch, we have found that an extension named Ghostery is responsible for this Error Code 5000 issue. So to remove the extensions, follow the steps below.

Steps 1:  Click on the Menu button on the top right side of the browser and click on “more tools.”

Step 2: After that, a left dialogue box appears from that Select “Extensions.”

Step 3: Under the “Extensions” menu, disable or remove the extension named “Ghostery” to be particular.

Flush the DNS

DNS is known as the Domain Name System. It is a phonebook of the internet. If nothing helps much, flushing the DNS might help to sort out the issue of Twitch Error Code 5000. To flush the DNS, Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the Windows+R button together; this opens the run dialogue box.

Step 2: In the run dialogue box, type CMD

Step 3: Then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter together; this opens the command prompt with Admin Privileges.

Step 4: In the command prompt, type “ipconfig/flushdns.”

Step 5: Press Enter.

This process reinitialized the DNS in the system. Try opening the browser and check if the issue is still there.

Try Changing the Bowser

In some cases, the issue rises with the incompatibility of browsers, as some browsers don’t support watching videos. Or don’t support flash player plugin. For most of the type, Google Chrome will be sufficient. But if that’s not the case. Try switching the browser.

In this post, we discussed Twitch as it is a video-on-demand based application and also supports streaming on multiple platforms. We have then come to know that users are suffering from the “Error Code 5000” issue. So we tried solving this issue to a great extent. And we believe users will surely have their problem solved after performing the same.

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