Valheim Console Commands and Cheat Codes | Spawn Items, Enable God Mode, and More

Valheim is no different from most survival games with a multiplayer segment. Players are provided a console from which several commands set foot into the game. Besides, this arises the use of console commands and cheat codes. However, most of them act as Cheats, acknowledging you to control each and every perspective of the game.

Here you will acquire the knowledge of using cheats with our Valheim Console Command and Cheat Codes. However, in the below steps, you will come upon how to use the console and unbolt cheat codes. Besides, you will have a list containing accessible console commands along with a clarification of each. So, without wasting any piece of second, let’s get straight to the meat of the matter.

Valheim Console Commands and Cheat Codes | Spawn Items, Enable God Mode, and More

Steps to use Valheim Console Commands

Console commands and cheat codes offer teleportation to the strength and direction of the wind, from the level of your skills to switching God Mode for your dramatis personae.

You can launch a console at any moment of the game if you are playing solo. However, for multiplayer the cheats as well as the console commands are accessible to the host only besides server host can grant permission to the clients to use them if they wish to do so.

But, if this is the first time when you are about to open the console then you won’t have permission to use any cheats until you authorize yourself for doing so. You may verify this by typing “help” and pressing Enter key. You will find one or two informational commands and few tools as well. But no access to the cheats. To enable them you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Valheim and get into gameplay.
  2. To bring up the Valheim console, Tap the F5 key on our keyboard.
  3. After that, type “imacheater” into the console and hit Enter button.
  4. Press the F5 key again to close the console.

After doing so, if a message popping up saying “Cheats: True” then you have successfully activated yourself to use cheat code. On the other hand, you can verify this by typing “help” again tap Enter key. Now you will find a larger list of commands as compared to earlier, this shows you have successfully got access to use cheats.

In fact, if you wish to switch into normal from cheating then just type “imacheater” once again. This will lock all the cheat commands for your account. Now let’s have a look into Cheats and Console commands.

List of Valheim Console Commands and Cheat Codes | Spawn Item and Toggling God Mode

We have dived deeper and surfaced the list of all available Valheim Console Commands. We have distinguished the cheats as well as the non-cheating commands along with a brief explanation of each of them.

Valheim Cheat Code list:

  • imacheater
    Toggling access to Command Cheats
  • spawn [item] [amount]
    Spawning a specified item by any number.
    Use capital letters and spaces on items, for instance, “spawn CookedMeat 2”.
  • god
    Grant the player invincibility.
  • pos
    Obtains the current coordinates of the player.
  • goto [x,z]
    Teleports the player to specified coordinates.
  • save
    Saves game progress, manually.
  • exploremap
    Removes all fog from the map.
  • resetmap
    Resets all previously explored map areas.
  • tame
    Robotically tame nearby tameable creatures.
  • killall
    Kills all the enemy closer to the player.
  • beard
    Removes beard from the player’s character.
  • hair
    Removes hair from the player’s character.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount]
    Raises specified skill up to the specified level
  • resetskill [skill]
    Resets the specified skill back to zero.
  • location
    Set a new spawn location.
  • freefly
    Enable/ Disable the “freefly” camera view.
  • ffsmooth [0-1]
    Customize the “freefly” camera’s level of smoothing.
  • tod [0-1]
    Alter the current time of the day.
  • env [env]
    Enables the debug environment.
  • resetenv
    Reset the debug environment
  • event [name]
    Triggers any specified event.
  • randomevent
    Begins a random event.
  • stopevent
    Ens the ongoing event.
  • wind [angle] [intensity]
    Specify the angle and velocity of the wind.
  • resetwind
    Returns the wind to its default state.
  • resetcharacter
    Reset all skills and inventory items of the character.
  • removedrops
    Delete all nearby dropped items.
  • setkey [name]
    Set a new global key.
  • listkeys
    Displays a list of all the global keys available.
  • resetkey [name]
    Reset the named key.
  • players [nr]
    Set the level of difficulty scaling based on the number of players.
  • dpsdebug
    Enable/ Disable the DPS.

Valheim Console Command list: Not Cheats

  • help
    Display all available Valheim console commands.
  • kick [ip/name/userID]
    Kicks the specified player from the server. For instance, “kick GamerGuy”.
  • ban[ip/name/userID]
    Bans the specified player from the server. For example, “ban SuperDude”.
  • unban [ip/name/userID]
    Provide one relevant piece of knowledge to unban a banned player. Example: “unban SuperDude”.
  • banned
    Displays the list of banned players of the current server.
  • ping
    Check the current ping to know how long in milliseconds it will take to receive a reply. Useful for measuring lag on a server.
  • lodbias [0-5]
    Sets the draw distance of the current server.
  • info
    Displays current system information. Like: Allocated memory etc.

Finally, each and every Valheim Console commands and Cheats codes are listed above which are accessible on Windows as well as Linux PCs. But if you are in search of a few more…knowledge of the game, then be certain to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Don’t miss out on our Gaming GuidesWindows GuidesSocial Media GuidesiPhone, and Android Guides to know more.

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