Valorant’s New Act Rank System Guide: Explained

Valorant’s Episode 1 Act 2 brings a new and unique change to the ranking system of Valorant. The tiers of ranks are still the same, but the way to increase your rank through the Act has changed. Now, this new ranking system might be confusing for a few players, but it is quite straightforward once you understand it.

In this guide, we will tell you about the new Act Rank Badge of Valorant and even tell you how you can go on increasing your rank through the new Act. By the end of this Act, your rank should go up if you pay attention to this new system. So let’s go ahead and look into it.

Valorant’s New Act Rank System Guide: Explained

The new Act Rank system of Valorant:

Under the new system, your rank will increase based on your performance in a set of matches. When you match up sometimes, you get a game with a rank lower than your rank. And sometimes you get a match with a rank higher than yours. To rank up quickly, you have to win more matches, which are at a rank higher than yours.

To represent the number of wins that you get in Valorant, there is a triangular grid. This grid is filled with slots, each of different colours representing the various ranks. Now when you win a match with a rank that is higher than your own, then that will add up to the triangular grid. With the addition of the higher rank match win, any lower rank match won slot will be replaced. For example, if you win a match that is in Radiant rank than a radiant slot will take place in your triangular grid, and it will replace an older bronze slot.

So overall, your performance will matter more than your number of wins. How you perform in matches that are higher than your rank will determine your future rank. At the end of Episode 1 Act 2, your nine highest-ranked wins will decide on your next rank. Those nine wins will generate a smaller triangle inside the bigger triangular grid. If you have that smaller triangle all filed up the with same nine high rank wins, then the level of your Act Rank Badge will go up. It will be then later displayed on your player card once the Act is over.

So get your team together and help each other win matches that are tough. Once the Act is done, your ranks will go up. If anytime you are confused about your number of wins, go and see this triangular grid. You will get an idea of how many more wins in a particular rank you require to level up.

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