Warzone 2 DMZ Old Lighthouse Citadel Key Location Guide

First-person shooter game Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is free to play. It is a multiplayer video game featuring a battle royale style created by Infinity Ward and Raven Software and released by Activision. The game’s gameplay makes everyone enjoy and love it.

The Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is now available in DMZ mode. In this mode, players will find numerous puzzles and surprises in the Al Mazrah map and the faction mission there. One of the puzzling things is the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key. Once you will find the key, you will be able to get loot money and many other loot items. 

However, some users do not know where to find the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key. If you are also someone you is searching for the key location, then this guide is for you. In this guide, we have shared where you can find and use the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key in Warzone 2 DMZ. So, let’s start the guide to find it.

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Where you can find the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ?

In Warzone 2 DMZ, you can only acquire the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key by randomly killing enemies. completing the HVT contracts or looting containers. For a few locations on the map, you’ll need keys, but if you find the right one, you can find a good amount of loot. You will come across a number of AI opponents because this is a popular location for exploration. 

Where you can use the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ?

Once you get the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key, you will have to go to the Citadel of the Old Lighthouse, to get the loot. To reach there, you will have to follow the instruction given below. 

  • Go to the South of Sarrif Bay. 
  • The coordinate is near F8. 
  • Go inside the Lighthouse.
  • Find a grey door that will have an X in graffiti.
  • Open the door with the help of the key that you got. 


This was all for this guide. Now that you know how to find the Old Lighthouse Citadel key, go and get it. In this article, we have also shared where you can use the key and grab the loot items. Many more keys need to be looked out for. To know about those keys, visit our website. Also, if you have any questions regarding the game, share them with us in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve them.

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