How to fix Xbox One Error Code 0x82d40004 ?

Xbox users have reported that they are experiencing Error Code 0x82d40004 with their system. It doesn’t matter whether the game disc is inserted or not; the error still persists anyway. They experience this error every time they try to launch an app or game. There could be many reasons behind this error, and in this article, we will look at all the possible fixes for this error. So if you are also one of those Xbox errors which are experiencing this difficulty, then this article might hold the answer you are looking for.

Here are the few users who reported this problem on the Reddit community.

xbox 1 x is dinging all time, ejecting the disc and im also getting error 0x82d40004 from r/xboxone

0x82d40004 from r/xboxone

Xbox One

Steps to Fix Xbox One Error Code 0x82d40004

Make sure you follow this step by step. If this doesn’t solution don’t help, you can follow the Reddit user’s solution which we have detailed below.

Fix 1 – Changing power mode to instant-on :

Most users have suffered from this error due to the mode set in the power settings of their Xbox. So chances are, this is the probable fix for you too.

The power mode on the settings menu has an option to be set to energy-saving, and this is where the issue occurs. Simply changing it from power saving to instant-on could fix the error pop up. To do so, first, go to your dashboard menu of the Xbox One console and press the guide menu on the controller. This will make the guide menu on the left side of the screen to appear. Here select the settings tab which looks like a gear icon and go to settings. Once you are inside settings, select the general tab on the left side of the settings menu. Then on the right side, you will see power mode & startup. Open it up, and here in the power mode & startup menu, you will see a drop-down list under Power mode. Change it from energy saving to Instant-on. Save the change, and this should do the trick.
Just restart the console now and see if you are still experiencing the same error when you are trying to open up a game. If, for some reason, the problem still exists, then try the next fix mentioned below.

Fix 2 – Checking for server issues :

Microsoft has revealed that Xbox users have experienced this error due to a server issue, which is preventing end-user from checking usage rights. Many have revealed that this error pops up due to issues with Xbox live services, which is caused due to a server issue. So if this is the case with you, then click on this link. This will automatically check if all the core services of the console are functioning properly.

If this check does not reveal any Purchase and Content usage service problems, then the server is not causing this error for you.

Now, if the check reveals a Purchase and Content usage service issue, then wait a while for like an hour and check again if it is resolved automatically. If the issue continues to show up on the screen, then try the next fix of switching to offline mode.

Fix 3 – Switch console to offline mode :

If the check on the console reveals a problem with the purchase and content usage, then one way around it is to switch to offline mode. This will simply bypass any ownership right confirmation from Xbox Live services, and you will be able to access your game library and open up games in an offline mode. This will, however, result in you being unable to play multiplayer games online as all online services will be turned off.

So if you want to enjoy gaming offline while waiting for Xbox live services to fix itself, then this could be a temporary fix for you. For this press, the Xbox button and open up the guide menu. Here select the settings tab, which appears like a gear icon. Then open up a network from the settings menu and select network settings. Here on the left side, you will see a tab that says, “Go Offline,” so just simply select it and you are done.

This will allow you to enjoy your games as the verification of your digital purchases will be done locally now. If even the offline mode does not help you with error 0x82d40004, then try the next fix.

Fix 4 – Perform a power cycling procedure :

Sometimes an update could be the culprit behind the error 0x82d40004. If you started experiencing this error, post an OTA update, then this could be due to a firmware inconsistency. In this scenario, the only solution that would work is power cycling. This process will end up draining the power capacitors of your Xbox and should definitely fix any sort of firmware issue.

Now let’s see how to go on about it. Firstly, ensure that the console turned on completely and fully booted up. Now press and hold power on/off button of your console for 10 seconds, that is until you see the front LED stop flashing. Now let go of the button and take the Xbox plug out of the power port. Wait for a minute and then turn it on again like you do every time. If the Xbox animation shows up, then you can be sure that the power cycling process was successful.

Now try launching the game that showed up the error 0x82d40004. If the error still pops up, then try the next fix.

Fix 5 – Re-adding Xbox Account :

Sometimes a corrupted Xbox account could be the reason behind the 0x82d40004 error code. In this scenario, simply deleting the local profile and signing in with it again will do the trick of clearing out all the temp files, and as a result, clear out the 0x82d40004 error.

To do so, first, go to the dashboard of the Xbox one and open up the guide menu using the Xbox button on the controller. Here you will see your active profile. Just open it and select sign out. Now go to the settings menu once again and open up the accounts tab on the left side. This will open up a lot of options for your account. Simply look for a remove account and select it. A message will pop up asking for your confirmation to remove the account. Just select remove again, and you are done.

Now just go back to the sign in and sign in with your account again, and set the settings on it again, just the way you prefer it. This has proved to be the solution for many users. But if still, the problem exists, follow the next fix.

Fix 6 – Clearing persisting cache :

Corrupted files or data present in the persistent storage folder can also be the culprit behind the 0x82d40004 error sometimes. Luckily the fix to this is fairly easy. All you need to is go into the dashboard of Xbox one, press the Xbox button, and open up the guide. Then select Settings from the list in the guide menu and from there go to Console settings. Here you will see another menu with lots of options, just look for the option Disc & Blu-ray and select it. Inside Disc & Blu-ray, look for persistent storage, select it, and choose the option to clear it all up. Once the process is complete, restart the console, and this should definitely do the trick.

Clearing out persistent storage won’t remove any game data, though, so there is nothing you need to worry about before doing it.

Fix 7 – Clean the disc :

If neither of the above-mentioned fixes works for you, then you can try cleaning out the disc too. This is a shot in the dark, but this has also been the fix for some. So if all else fails, giving it a try won’t hurt. For cleaning the disc in an efficient manner, first, put some isopropyl alcohol on to a dry cloth and start rubbing the disc with that cloth in a circular motion. Then allow the disc to dry for a couple of seconds and enter the disk into the Xbox again. Now see if the problem is still there.

Also one reddit replied to a user to fix this problem by following this method given below.

Don’t Forget To Try These Basic Troubleshooting Steps First:

  1. Power Cycle – Instructions here. Press and hold the Xbox Logo on your console for about 8-10 seconds until the console shuts off.

  2. Check the Xbox Live Service Status here!

  3. Consult – They have a wide variety of topics, and tons of support available.

  4. Contact Xbox Support – They have chats, phone calls, emails, everything.

  5. Search – Use google, use the sidebar, use the forums. Failure to search before posting may result in your post being removed.

  6. Consult our wiki – It’s highly likely that your issue is there.

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If it is still there, then the chances are that you have some faulty hardware. So you will have to replace the optical drive of the Xbox One.

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