Fix: Battlefield 2042: EA App Unable To Install Error: There Was A Slight Hiccup

DICE and Electronic Arts did come up with a first-person shooter action multiplayer video game called ‘Battlefield 2042‘, which is all set in the iconic warfare scenario that offers fully chaotic and tactical war with huge maps and weapons.

However, apart from how great this game will be, there’s an issue that bothered many users who wanted to play this game’s early access. Yeah! We are not kidding, as just after the release, many users reported an issue in Battlefield 2042 that EA App was unable to install this game and ended up getting an error message, i.e., There Was A Slight Hiccup.

Well, I think that’s not an error that we need to worry about. Yes, you heard it right! Here in this guide, I’ve mentioned what works for me to fix this issue. So, you can also try if you want to experience this new next-gen game on your device. 

Fix: Battlefield 2042: EA App Unable To Install Error: There Was A Slight Hiccup

Fix: Battlefield 2042: EA App Unable To Install Error: There Was A Slight Hiccup

If you have an Xbox game pass subscription and if you want to install 10 hours of game trial for battlefield 2042. However, when you try to install it when you click on install it. It actually tells you to install the EA app, so it actually launches the EA app. Not only that, but also it tells you to go ahead and select the install location now when you click on next to download it.

But, when you click on the download, you receive this error that is unable to install. There were slight hiccups, and we couldn’t finish installing battlefield 2042; restart your pc and try again. So, you can go ahead and try to restart your computer and then try it once again, but still, you’re facing the problem. Therefore, now what you can do? Well, we have a solution; you can simply go ahead and close the EA app. Now once you exit, open Origin (in case you do not have Origin, then first install it).

Now, after the installation launch origin and go ahead enter your Xbox app email account and password to log in. But, keep in mind to use the email account which you’re using on Xbox. Now, that’s it, simply Go to the library, and you’ll see Battlefield 2042 trial. So, click on it to download and follow the on-screen instruction to install it. That’s it. This is what works for many users worldwide to fix this particular issue, and we hope that this method will also help you. But, in case you know of any other method, let us know in the comment section. 

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