Chivalry 2 Best Class Tier List

The most eagerly anticipated sequel to Torn Banner Studios’ multiplayer hack-and-slash action video game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is called Chivalry 2. There are 12 different subclasses, and navigating each one can be challenging and more complicated than it seems. We’ll walk you through each class tier list in Chivalry 2 in this guide. You will learn about each class’s statistics from us, and we’ll also give you a list of each class’s tiers.

As the game progresses, players can modify their subclass loadouts. There are some new features in the sequel, Chivalry 2. Players can now progress through each class’s subclasses in the updated version. In order to have more control over your character in the game, you can unlock your cosmetics by progressing through a class.

Chivalry 2 Best Class Tier List

Chivalry 2 Best Class Tier List

Classes in Chivalry 2 are comparable to a player leveling up. As you progress through all the classes and tier list, you will be able to access more customizable weapons and power-ups. Chivalry 2 consists of four primary classes, and there are 4 subclasses within these classes. As the base stats for the subclasses remain constant, the character’s overall health, stamina, and other attributes remain constant.

Since each class has its own set of skills, each primary class’ base subclass serves as the player’s starting point. The first subclass will advance through level 4, and the second subclass will advance through level 7. The officer subclass is the first one available for the knight, and it comes with the trumpet move. The Chivalry 2 Class best tier list is divided into four levels.

  • S Tier: The S tier has the Crusader and the Devastator.
  • A tier: Arms and Poleman
  • Crossbowman, the field engineer, and the officer make up the B tier.
  • C Tier has  Ambusher and Skirmisher

Chivalry 2 Best Classes

As we have already mentioned above in the article, there are four main classes in Chivalry 2, each of which has its own subclasses, which also have unique powers and abilities. The four subclasses of  Chivalry 2 are:

The Knight

The first class of Chivalry 2 is known as Knight. When you enter the game, you will learn to play as the knight. The knight has the greatest health and can also wield weapons of all kinds when their subclasses are unlocked.

The knight class also has the advantage of being able to withstand significant damage because of its ability to cut and thrust their way through enemy lines. But because it can’t sustain itself for very long while deflecting enemy attacks, its stamina pool isn’t very useful.

Stats of the Knight:

Health: 175 percent

Speed: 80 percent

Stamina: 80 percent

Subclasses of The Knight:

  • The Officer: It is the base subclass of the knight and comes with the trumpet moves. Among all the subclasses, this is the one that is most evenly distributed. By taking the enemy’s damage, players can build up their trumpet’s attack power. You must rely on your teammates if you want to use the trumpet properly. The trumpet move works best when a number of teammates are actively involved at once.
  • The Guardian: The guardian is equipped with a shield and several weapons, each of which has a unique set of stats. The shield will automatically block most of the incoming arrows. But an accurate archer can shoot you in the area where your shield is not covering you or in the most accurate words, in your exposed area.
  • The Crusader:  The crusader are most hard to kill, It has single handed, multi handed, and long range weapons. It is actually the mixture of vanguard’s subclasses and has an extremely offensive play style.

The Archer

Archery, You can not imagine a game set on a medieval battlefield without the Archers. So does Chivalry 2. Archers are an important part of this game. This is also a class of the Chivalry 2.

Players should not charge their attack with archers in front. Archers should be kept in the back to rain showers of the arrows on the enemy. The fellow class will try to kill your enemies in between, one should be careful to not hit their own teammate.

Stats of Archer:

Health: 90 percent

Speed: 100 percent

Stamina: 50 percent

Subclass of Archer:

  • The Longbowman: The first subclass of the archer, as the name suggests, comes with a longbow. Once charged, the longbow can unleash a flaming brazier on the enemies. The cudgel is the last weapon unlocked for the longbowman.
  • The Crossbowman: As the name suggests, The crossbowman comes with the crossbow. The crossbow deals more damage than the longbow. You cannot move around like a longbowman; you must remain stationary in order to fire at the enemies.
  • The Skirmisher:  They are equipped with javelins and throwable weapons. Sounds dangerous, right? But there is a trick here. The thrown item should be thrown like any other weapon. Unlike the longbowman and crossbowman, the skirmisher is of no use to players who have no experience in throwing weapons.

The Vanguard

The Vanguard is the third class of the Chivalry 2. While they are not as handy as archers, the vanguard has more health and stamina. The Vanguards are the fastest class of the Chivalry 2.

They can block more attacks from the enemies by absorbing more damage. To master the Vanguard, you need to master the blocking of enemies’ attacks. Because this is critical for the Vanguard Class.

Stats of the vanguard:

Health: 130 percent

Speed: 120 percent

Stamina: 100 percent

Subclass of Vanguard:

  • The Devastator: This is the first subclass of the Vanguard, and it gives you the best weapons in the game. This doesn’t have a powerful sidearm. It comes with only one small knife.
  • The Raider: The raider is the best Vanguard subclass. As it can carry two primary weapons and also can heal teammates with the trumpet. When you are playing with the raider, always equip them with long ranged weapons as they can come in handy while fighting your enemies.
  • The Ambusher: The ambusher will be the guardian of the enemies on both sides. The ambusher can come and get out of the enemy’s line of sight. The ambusher can rack up lots of kills.

The Footman

The footman is at the front. They will keep your enemies at the line to give the Archers their best shot. The footmenon class has the ability to enemy’s. In Chivalry 2, the footman offers the most variety. They have the ability to avoid the enemy’s line of sight, and may be useful when launching an assault.

Stats of the Footman:

Health : 150 percent

Speed: 100 percent

Stamina: 80 percent

Subclass of the Footman:

  • The Poleman: The poleman will keep your enemies out in front of your attacking point. The Poleman has the strongest weapons along with kits and bandages to aid in teammate healing.
  • The Man at Arms: The second subclass of the footman When carrying just one weapon, it has the capacity to increase its speed by 10%. To provide you with additional protection, it also includes a small shield.
  • The Field Engineer: The Field engineer is the subclass that can be used to deal objective damage to the enemy team. The doors, banners, barriers, and other items may sustain damage as a result. The use of Field Engineers in direct combat is not permitted because they were not designed for it.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Chivalry 2 Best Class tier list, where we talk about the best classes, their subclasses, and stats. Once you read and master every class and subclass your team can be a team to beat at this game.

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