Fix: iPhone is disabled: Connect to iTunes Error on iPhone 13, 13 Pro or Pro Max

iPhone is disabled is a common problem a lot of iPhone 13 users face. The primary reason for this issue is entering the wrong password multiple times, and while doing so, it will ask you to connect your iPhone 13 to iTunes. Usually, after multiple failed login attempts lead up to iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes error, but it is solvable. Follow the below methods to fix this problem without visiting any professional help.

Recently, Apple launched its new iPhone 13 series globally with the latest A15 Bionic chip, upgraded camera, and other features. You can buy it on all leading e-commerce websites and Apple stores. However, users reported several bugs as the new iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro max. According to some users, by accidentally entering an incorrect pin or password, the iPhone is disabled, and the device gets locked. If you are also facing the same issue with your iPhone 13, 13Pro, or Pro Max there here, we have a quick fix to resolve the issue.

It’s frustrating when you buy the new iPhone and get an issue after the purchase. No one expects any problem with the Apple devices, but the iPhone disable issue mainly occurs due to entering the incorrect passcode many times. However, the iPhone will alert you that the passcode is wrong and that your device may be locked, but we are humans. We may forget things, including the password of our devices, mail id, etc. So, here is the method that fixes the iPhone 13 disable issue without going to the service center or repair shop.

Fix iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes Error on Phone 13, 13 Pro or Pro Max

Fix: iPhone is disabled: Connect to iTunes Error on Phone 13, 13 Pro, or Pro Max

iPhone is known for its privacy features, so the disable of the device is introduced for if your iPhone is theft or operate by any unknown person, then it locked himself after attempting several times of the wrong passcode. All Apple users can save their data through this security feature if anyone tries the incorrect password more than 5 times. After 5 wrong password attempts, the iPhone disables itself for one minute, and at 10 wrong attempts, the iPhone will ask to connect the iPhone with iTunes to unlock the device.

Also, one more feature contains that if you enter the wrong passcode 10 times, it automatically erases all the data in the device. If you enable the feature, you may not get back your device’s data if you store the iPhone’s backup in your system or iCloud. However, It also happens if your screen has any physical damage and your touch screen is not working, then you may face the same issue with your new iPhone 13

Fix’s iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

If your iPhone 13 screen shows the Connect to iTunes, you have to connect the iPhone with your computer with Mac or Windows OS and then download the iTunes. It may delete all your data in the recovery process, but you can again download the data from your last backup in iCloud. To perform the task, you need a computer with a lightning-fast cable.

Step 1 Go to Recovery Mode

  • Connect your iPhone 13 to the computer (Mac or Windows) with the fast lighting cable that comes with your new phone.
  • Now unplug the connected iPhone and to enter recovery mode, press and hold the side button and any one of the volume buttons and wait till the slider menu appears on the screen.
  • Next, drag and select turn off.
  • After that, hold the side button till you connect your device to the computer. Then, have the buttons until the screen shows recovery mode.

Step 2: Restore the iPhone 13 from iTunes.

  • First, we have to locate the iPhone 13 on the Finder or iTunes app on the computer.
  • Open the iTunes app and click on the iPhone icon from the upper left corner in iTunes Window.
  • Now select the Restore iPhone under the Software section.
  • Wait till the system restores your iPhone 13. Then, it will automatically download the necessary software and may take more than 15 minutes.
  • After the restore process is complete, the iPhone automatically exits from the recovery mode.
  • Now turn off the iPhone and restart again to apply the changes.
  • Then initializing process will show on the screen let it finish first.
  • After that, disconnect the iPhone 13 from the computer and set up the settings and profile to use your iPhone.

After the process, the iPhone 13 will ask for your Apple ID, Password, or passcode to restore the iPhone from iCloud. If you forgot your Apple ID, we recommend you contact the Apple Sevice center for further assistance.


Connect to iTunes Error on Phone 13, 13 Pro, or Pro Max is a common error, and you can solve it via the methods given above. We hope that now you can successfully fix the issue; for more iPhone-related queries, visit our homepage and bookmark it. If you like the blog of iPhone 13 fix, then provide your valuable feedback in the comment box.


  1. I use window 7 on my laptop, my iphone 13 keep saying’ connect to itunes’
    So I downloaded iTunes app in my laptop
    And used the USB
    The finally step to solve the problem says ‘ get the latest version’
    I did it , the problem is still the way it is/was.

    Please in here
    Post me a link for the latest version!

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