Fix Discovery Plus Crashing | Roku and Fire TV Stick

Discovery Plus is a subscription-based content service that enjoys a unique space with the infotainment field. Whether it be science-related documentaries or interesting topics about Universe and blackholes, you will all find them in Discovery Plus. Out of many platforms, Discovery Plus is available for Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV stick. But just like any other streaming service, Discovery Plus also faces errors and glitches from time to time.

One such issue users reported recently is that Discovery Plus crashing on Roku and Fire TV Stick devices. Now the main reason behind this could be anything ranging from bad internet connectivity, software issues, a mild technical glitch, or server down maintenance from the Discovery Plus team itself. No streaming platform is safe from glitches and issues, especially not in the beginning. But don’t worry; here are some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue on your Roku and Fire TV Stick devices.

Fix Discovery Plus Crashing Roku and Fire TV Stick

Fix Discovery Plus Crashing | Roku and Fire TV Stick

As we discussed, the issue behind Discovery Plus not working or crashing could be due to minor internet connectivity issues or due to a technical glitch itself. Before following through the troubleshooting methods down below, I would recommend you to check through the minimum requirements to run Discovery Plus on your Roku and Fire TV Stick devices.

Internet requirement of discovery plus:

  • Low quality need 0.5mbps
  • Standard quality need 2.5mbps
  • High definition need 4mbps

If you have an internet speed of less than 0.5mbpa, then you will see frequent crashing issues on your app. So contact your network provider and upgrade your internet plan.

Method 1: Relaunch App

Discovery Plus app is still in the beta stage, and developed are working hard to make sure the app is compatible with majoring of devices out there. Due to this, there might be some internet glitches where the app might crash. In such a case, simply close the app and relaunch it to see if it works.

Method 2: Restart devices

When it comes to technical glitches, a lot of them can be fixed by a simple device reboot or restart. So turn off your Roku and Fire TV stick device and start them again. Do the same with your WiFi router as well.

Method 3: Clear Cache Data

Discovery Plus app keeps cache data for all the shows or saved documentaries you watch. Due to some internal issues, the cache might get corrupt or not usable. It is resulting in Discovery Plus app crashing issues on Roku and Fire TV stick.

To clear cache and data, open the Settings app and navigate to App seeing.

Here find Discovery plus and click on Clear data. After clearing data, make sure to clear the cache as well.

If you use the browser to access Discovery Plus services, then it is a good idea to clear cache and data along with history to make sure the issue doesn’t persist. Go to your browser settings > History and clear everything. Log on to Discovery Plus and see if this helps.

Method 4: Sign in to Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is a subscription-based service that has a couple of plans. If your plan is expired and you’re trying to watch any paid video, it will through you an error or will stop working altogether. So sign in to your Discovery Plus account and check whether your subscription plan is active or not.

Method 5: Update Discovery Plus App

In Roku or FireStick TV, you get multiple app updates that get installed automatically, giving you the best and latest experience. But sometimes, apps do not get updated, which leads to outdated app performance. This might cause issues such as Discovery Plus crashing, freezing or not working, etc. To enjoy the best services, make sure to update all the apps.

Update Discovery Plus App on Roku:

Open Roku menu and navigate to

Fix Discovery Plus Crashing | Roku and Fire TV Stick

Here scroll down and click on “Check for update”

After the app is updated, log in to your account and see if the problem is fixed.

Update Discovery Plus App on Firestick TV:

Open Fire TV dashboard/app window and click on Discovery Plus app.

Here click on the “Download” button to check for updates.

Method 6: Check Router distance

Most WiFi routers work well within the range of 5-8 meters. Anything more than that and the network will start causing laughing issues, or WiFi will slow down. So check the location of your Roku device/ Firestick device and the WiFi router. If it is more than 5-8 meters, then you might have to buy a new router with a much larger connection range. Also, concrete walls can decrease the signal strength of WiFi, so make sure you keep a check on that as well.


Hopefully, the Discovery Plus app is now working properly for you on Roku and Fire TV Stick. If you’re still facing any additional issues, let us know via the comments section, and we will look into them. If the issue is still not fixed, the problem might be due to a temporary account ban from the Discovery Plus team itself, so try to connect with them via the support page and give them the required details.


  1. I tried everything and still have no acess to discovery plus, cancelled the subscription, Uninstaller, rebooted, reinstalled the app and still no luck. Checked updates, everything is upto date.

  2. We are still experiencing the Discovery+ app freezing on our Roku. The only resolution is to remove the app, then reinstall. The issue is this happens at least once a day, if not more. As paying customers we should not have to constantly fix a services issues. Everyone should be asking themselves if these are the same answers being given to the C-level executives of Discovery. Probably not…. Most people would rather hear an honest answer from the company, like “we acknowledge there is a problem and we are researching the resolution, please help us by sharing your experience”, instead of trying to redirect everything back on their customer. Maybe give a discount while their customers are having to consistently put in work to watch the service for which they pay. Everyone needs to start holding these companies more accountable for customer service and them acknowledging the value of our business. We work hard for that money we hand over to them every month.

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