Fix: Discovery Plus Not Working on Vizio Smart TV

Vizio TV is one of the few brands that launched their TVs at very reasonably priced and features that give you excellent picture quality. However, they lack the high-end feel of certain other manufacturers, their OS is sometimes slow and less feature-rich than competitors’, and their TVs frequently have a slew of faults that might worsen over time.

For example, I don’t know why, but the Discovery Plus app is not working on their Vizio TV for some users. Well, although this is not totally the fault of Vizio, but somehow it will be the reason for this error.

Anyway, if you are facing this problem, then you do not have to worry as, after some research, our team found some temporary fixes that let you resolve this error. So, we advise you to perform the below-mentioned fixes in order to get rid of the Discovery Plus not working issue. Therefore, let’s get started with them:

Fix: Discovery Plus Not Working on Vizio Smart TV

How To Fix Discovery Plus Not Working on Vizio Smart TV

If your eyes are seeking a fix that helps you resolve the Discovery Plus not working error on your Vizio smart TV, then follow the fixes mentioned further in this guide.

Fix 1: Restart The App

Initially, you must have to check if the app starts working after restarting the app again on your device. There are possible chances that the Discovery Plus app issue may get automatically fixed, as many users previously reported that they wouldn’t have to do anything more than restart the app. Therefore, try this out and check if it helps or not.

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Fix 2: Reboot Your Device

If you have already restarted the Discovery Plus app on your device and find that nothing changes for you and you are still stuck with the same error, then there are possibilities that some cache files may be stored on your device, which prevents it from working properly.

In that situation, the best option is to reboot your system to remove those temporary cache files. So, you must try rebooting your Vizio smart TV and then check if the issue automatically gets resolved or not.

Fix 3: Re-Login To Your Account

Re-Login To Your Account

Still stuck with the same error? Well, chances are that your account credentials may have some issues as you may have altered your password recently and forgot to update it on your TV. Therefore, we suggest you to just log out from your account and again re-login using your account credentials.

Now, again check if the Discovery Plus app again started working or not. However, previously many users reported that once they re-login to their account, the issue automatically gets resolved. So, try this out and check if it helps you or not.

Fix 4: Make Sure The HDMI Cable is Working

Did you check your HDMI cable to whether it is working or not? Well, we advise you to thoroughly check your cable as chances are that your HDMI cable may have loosely attached to your TV or it has some cuts or damage due to which your device may not be able to function properly. So, simply check the cable, and if you find that your cable has cuts or damage, then make sure to replace it as it may also come to the reason for anything serious.

Fix 5: Check Your Internet Connection

As Discovery Plus is a server-based entertainment platform; therefore, an active internet connection is really important to make a connection between your device and the Discovery Plus server. So, make sure that your internet is working properly. To check the internet connectivity speed of your router, you must hover towards the Ookla speed test site and run the speed tester.

Check Internet Speed

However, suppose if you find that your router/modem doesn’t provide you with proper speed, then make sure to power cycle your router and check if the internet issue gets resolved or not. Meanwhile, if the internet is still not working, then contact your ISP and ask them to resolve the connection error.

Fix 6: Check The Servers

It is very vital to check if the Discovery Plus server is working and doesn’t have any ongoing maintenance. But, how will get to know this thing? Well, it’s very simple; you just have to hover over to the DownDetector/Discovery Plus. Now, you have to check whether other users have reported the same issue within the last 24 hours. Also, you must have to make sure to hit the I Have A Problem With Discovery Plus. By this action, other users are also able to know that they are not the only one in this globe who faces this issue.

check server of Discovery Plus

Moreover, you can also follow the Discovery Plus officials on their Twitter handle if you want. The official team always uses their Twitter handle to provide the latest information about the issue occurring on their service, including upcoming events, shows, etc.

Fix 7: Update Your TV OS

A huge possibility is there that your Vizio TV OS may not be updated, due to which it faces a compatibility problem with the Discovery Plus app, which further results in crashing or not working issues. Therefore, it is very important to check if your Vizio TV has any pending OS updates. So, to do this, you can perform these steps:

  1. Initially, you have to press the V key on the TV remote.
  2. After that, hover over to the System from the menu.
  3. Thereafter, choose the Check for Updates button. Then, your Vizio smart TV will start checking for updates.Update Vizio TV OS

That’s it. Now, if a new update is available, you need to confirm you wish to install it and wait until the process gets completed. Then, you’ll see that the Discovery Plus app starts working on your TV again.

Fix 8: Reach To Help Desk

If in a very unfortunate situation, the app does still not start working, then you may not fix it by yourself, and now you have to take help from the officials. So, to do this, you can simply hover over to the support team of Discovery Plus and ask them about this issue. However, depending upon how you explain the issue, they may offer you some fixes.

From Author’s Desk

So, that’s all on how to fix if the Discovery Plus app is not working on your Vizio smart TV. We hope that the troubleshooting fixes we have mentioned earlier in this guide have helped you. But, in case you find that you still have any doubts or queries, make sure to comment below and let us know. Meanwhile, if you don’t know how to activate your Discovery Plus app on your device, you can check out our latest guide on that.

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