Disney Twisted-Wonderland Tier List: The Best Characters to Pick or Reroll

Disney Twisted Wonderland is an anime-based RPG game. It is just one year old, and is compatible with Android, at least at the time of writing this article. Similar to any other RPG game, it also has a huge list of characters, and each has its own powers and characteristics.

Choosing a character from the long list can be really time-consuming. Considering this, we are here with the Disney Twisted Wonderland tier list, so that you don’t have to waste your time on something that not going to affect your progress. Furthermore, feel free to check out the reroll guide following the tier list.

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Disney Twisted Wonderland

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List

Disney Twisted Wonderland is once again in which you will be using almost all the players in the journey. Although the player’s list is long, certain players are better than others in different aspects. So, to help you in choosing the best players from the long list, below is the tier list you can look forward to.

S+ Tier

  • Leona- Dorm Uniform
  • Idia- Labwear
  • Malleus- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ortho- Archetype Gear
  • Riddle- Dorm Uniform
  • Riddle- Labwear
  • Rook- Labwear

S Tier

  • Azul- Ceremonial Robes
  • Cater- Ceremonial Robes
  • Deuce- Ceremonial Robes
  • Floyd- School Uniform
  • Jack- Ceremonial Robes
  • Jack- Dorm Uniform
  • Jade- Ceremonial Robes
  • Jade- Labwear
  • Jamil- Ceremonial Robes
  • Kalim- Labwear
  • Lilia- Labwear
  • Idia- School Uniform
  • Malleus- Labwear
  • Rook- PE Uniform
  • Ruggie- Labwear
  • Sebek- PE Uniform
  • Trey- Labwear
  • Vil- Ceremonial Robes
  • Vil- PE Uniform

A Tier

  • Ace- School Uniform
  • Ace- Dorm Uniform
  • Cater- Dorm Uniform
  • Cater- PE Uniform
  • Epel- Ceremonial Robes
  • Floyd- PE Uniform
  • Idia- Ceremonial Robes
  • Kalim- Ceremonial Robes
  • Kalim- PE Uniform
  • Leona- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ortho- Athletic Gear
  • Ortho- Burst Gear
  • Riddle- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ruggie- Dorm Uniform
  • Ruggle- PE Uniform
  • Sebek- Labwear
  • Sebek- Ceremonial Robes
  • Trey- Ceremonial Robes
  • Vil- School Uniform

B Tier

  • Ace- Labwear
  • Azul- PE Uniform
  • Azul- School Uniform
  • Cater- Labwear
  • Deuce- Dorm Uniform
  • Azul- Labwear
  • Deuce- School Uniform
  • Floyd- Labwear
  • Deuce- PE Uniform
  • Jack- School Uniform
  • Jamil- Labwear
  • Jamil- School Uniform
  • Kalim- School Uniform
  • Leona- PE Uniform
  • Lilia- Ceremonial Robes
  • Lilia- PE Uniform
  • Riddle- School Uniform
  • Rook- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ruggie- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ruggie- School Uniform
  • Silver- Labwear
  • Silver- Ceremonial Robes
  • Trey- School Uniform
  • Silver- Lab Wear
  • Silver- School Uniform

C Tier

  • Ace- PE Uniform
  • Cater- School Uniform
  • Deuce- Labwear
  • Epel- Labwear
  • Epel- School Uniform
  • Floyd- Ceremonial Robes
  • Idia- PE Uniform
  • Jack- Labwear
  • Jack- PE Uniform
  • Jade- PE Uniform
  • Jade- School Uniform
  • Jamil- PE Uniform
  • Leona- School Uniform
  • Lilia- School Uniform
  • Malleus- PE Uniform
  • Malleus- School Uniform
  • Ortho- Precision Gear
  • Riddle- PE Uniform
  • Sebek- School Uniform
  • Silver- PE Uniform
  • Trey- Dorm Uniform
  • Trey- PE Uniform
  • Vil- Labwear

Frankly speaking, it’s not fair to have a tier list of a game that’s just months old. Plus, depending on the popularity and passing time, the list can change over time. Thus, we recommend taking the information with a pinch of salt. Now let’s check out what you can do in case you don’t get your favorite character in the first attempt.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Reroll Guide

Similar to any other player, the chances are high that you will not get your favorite characters in the first few pulls in the game. In such a case, the best thing you can try is to go through the reroll method. It will help to reset in-game progress and keep on pulling until you get your favorite character.

Nevertheless, here’s what you need to do to reroll in Disney Twisted Wonderland.

  1. Open Disney Twisted Wonderland.
  2. Login using a guest account, and wait till the tutorial ends.
  3. Try out all the pulls that come along in the guided section.
  4. If you get your desired character, you are good to go. Continue with the game. Alternatively, continue with the steps.
  5. Delete the game from your smartphone. Or, you can even delete the game data.
  6. Re-download the game from the App Store, and continue with step 1.

Repeat the process until you get your favorite character in the game.

The Best Characters to Pick or Reroll

Below are the 9 best Disney Twisted Wonderland characters that you should aim for.

  • Floyd & Jade Leechc from the Octavinelle dorm.
  • Jamil Viper from the Scarabia dorm.
  • Malleus Draconia from the Diasomnia dorm.
  • Jack Howl from the Savanaclaw dorm.
  • Alchemi Alchemivich Pinka (aka Che’nya) from the Royal Sword Academy school.
  • Sam the Mr. S’s Mystery Shop owner.
  • Lilia Vanrouge from the Diasomnia dorm.
  • Idia Shroud from the Ignihyde dorm.
  • Leona Kingscholar from the Savanaclaw dorm.

That’s it for the post. In case of any difficulty feel free to reach us via comments.

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