How To Factory Reset A MacBook Pro

If you want to trade or sell your Mac, you would like to delete all your personal data from the device. You probably want to do more than just deleting the files. Therefore you would have to perform a factory reset on your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air laptop.

Developed by Apple Inc MacBook pro is a line of portable computers of Macintosh. Like Windows, Apple has also developed from First Generation to Fifth Generation computers. With the latest hardware, processors, and GPU, MacBook Pro gives users a high-performance device. Moreover, the device packed with a high-resolution screen and a high battery performance. Even more, Apple has its own custom macOS for MacBook, which connects you to the Apple ecosystem.

The advantage of Apple’s own OS is that it can utilize the full potential of the hardware to give you a better performance. Also, the OS is very secure and private. Also, after Windows, Apple’s macOS is the most used and popular OS.

How To Factory Reset A MacBook Pro

How To Factory Reset A MacBook Pro?

By performing a factory reset, you can wipe all the data from your device and drive, and then you can install macOS and set up a fresh one for the new user to use. To know how to perform a factory reset, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1) Firstly, take a backup of all your personal files through a time machine in an external drive or by using iCloud. If you have done the backup, then proceed to logout from every app that you are using. Therefore, head over to system preference>iCloud and uncheck the Find my Mac option.

Step 2) Now, you have to sign out from every app by clicking the blue Sign out button, then uncheck all the boxes and continue. Select Delete from the Mac option.


Factory Reset A MacBook Pro

Step 3) Open up the iTunes application, click on the Account option, hover your mouse over Authorization, and select the Deauthozise this computer option from the sub-menu.

Step 4) After you have Deauthorized the device, then restart the Mac holding the Command and R keys, don’t let it go until the macOS utility shows up.

How To Factory Reset A MacBook Pro

Step 5) Select the Disk Utility option and click on continue.

Step 6) Now, select the main hard drive; by default, it is named Macintosh. After choosing the hard drive, click on the erase button. Select the format as a macOS extended journal.

How To Factory Reset A MacBook Pro

Step 7) After erasing the hard drive, close the disk utility. Now select Reinstall macOS option on the main utility window. This will install the macOS on your device.

Step 8) Once it’s done installing the macOS on your device it will show up the setup window, now you can set up the new device, or you can also back up using time machine or iCloud.


It is not that difficult to perform a factory reset on MacBook pro. First, you will have to logout from all of the applications and services. You can take a backup of your data before the reset. Hold the command and R key to open up the macOS utility. Select Disk Utility to erase the hard drive, and then you can reinstall macOS on your device by click on the Reinstall macOS option.

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