Fix: Battlefield 2042 Invalid Game State Error

DICE and Electronic Arts did come up with a first-person shooter action multiplayer video game called ‘Battlefield 2042‘, which is all set in the iconic warfare scenario that offers fully chaotic and tactical war with huge maps and weapons. Plenty of errors or bugs are troubling the players on Playstation, Xbox, or PC. Meanwhile, several players are experiencing the Invalid Game State error when selecting game modes in the lobby. In this article, we will fix the concerning issue.

The “invalid game state” error shouldn’t be something players want to see in their lobbies. In addition to offering various game modes, BF2042 spreads them throughout the portal area. Other game modes, such as Team Death Match, Rush, etc., are included here. These invalid game state errors are now showing in all the consoles, such as PS4, PS5, Xbox, and even PC users around the globe.

Users on Reddit have been complaining about the Invalid Game State error on Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042

How to Fix Invalid Game State Error on Battlefield 2042

Check Your WiFi / Internet Connection: If you have trouble connecting to BF2042 servers, try turning off your wireless network adapter and reconnecting to see if this solves the problem. You might need to restart your computer as well.

When you first launch BF2042, you will be prompted to connect to EA’s servers. Click “Yes” when prompted to do so.

You should receive a message stating that the connection was successful.

If you still experience problems after following these steps, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

Select or Change Server: Due to the server shutdown or any issue, this will error will show up; you can select or change which server you want to play on from the drop-down menu near the top right corner of the screen.

The default server is called “North American”. To select a different server, click the name of the server you wish to join.

This will take you to the server selection page. Click the name of the server that you would like to use.

Player Room is full: Once you have selected the server you wish to play on, press Enter to confirm.

If the player server room is full. Please wait until it is free again before trying to log back in.

High Ping/Latency: If you experience high ping or latency issues while playing Battlefield 2042, we recommend checking the following settings:

Make sure that your Internet connection speed is at least 1Mbps Download Speed

Battlefield 2042’s Multiplayer Game Modes:

Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer consists of five different game types:

Conquest – A team-based objective-oriented game where two teams compete to capture control points around the map. Each team starts off with a limited number of soldiers, while the opposing team begins with unlimited amounts of troops. When a point is captured, the defending team loses control of that point but gains a temporary advantage. After capturing enough points, the team can then call in reinforcements or use special abilities.

Rush – A free-for-all game type where each player fights alone against waves of enemies. Players are given a limited amount of ammunition and health, and once they run out of either resource, they will die. Once a player dies, he respawns at the last checkpoint he reached. This game type is played in short bursts, usually lasting only a few minutes.

Domination – Similar to Conquest, except that the goal is to destroy enemy flags instead of capturing them. Flags represent bases that provide resources for both teams. If a flag falls to the ground, it is destroyed and the base becomes inaccessible. Teams may also deploy vehicles into the field to help defend their bases.

Team Deathmatch – A traditional deathmatch game type where players face off against another team of opponents.

Air Superiority – An air combat game type where players engage in dogfights above the battlefield.

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