Fix: Fortnite Takes Long Load Times | Make it Faster

In online battle royale games, Fortnite stands out in the top tier. As the game is huge and has a huge fanbase, it’s common for players to experience some bugs or issues. Meanwhile, players report that Fortnite Takes Long Load Times, which is irritating. If you’re a victim, follow this guide to make Fortnite load faster.

Plenty of players are looking for a possible solution to fix the slow loading issue. Epic Games team is aware of this issue that causes long loading times while getting into the matches and even exiting matches. The team is working on this issue, and we can expect a quick patch fix for it.

Fix: Fortnite Takes Long Load Times | Make it Faster

To be very precise, this seems one of the PC-related issues for the Fortnite players and nothing else. Whenever your PC becomes overheated or consuming higher system resources in the background, Fortnite may take a longer time or load which is quite common for all.

Fix: Fortnite Takes Long Load Times | Make it Faster

Even the slower internet connection, unstable network signal, a temporary system glitch can cause such an issue whatsoever. So, we’ll highly recommend our readers to try updating the game to its latest version, updating Windows OS build, updating the game client, rebooting the computer, etc as workarounds.

There is nothing need to worry about it. However, if nothing seems working for you, try uninstalling and reinstalling Fortnite on your Epic Games Launcher freshly to resolve the issue. You should also consider the Fortnite game servers in your mind because the overloaded number of active players at a certain timing can also cause delays, lags, can’t connect to the service, connectivity errors, etc.

1. Close Background Tasks

It’s always recommended to close the background running task completely on your computer. It’ll ensure that your system resources are free enough to run the game properly if freezing or lagging a lot. To do so:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager.
  • Click on the Processes tab > Click to select Fortnite from the list.
  • Now, select End Task to close the process.
  • Additionally, you can close other unnecessarily running processes on your computer to free up CPU/Memory space.

2. Check Game Updates

We’ll also recommend you check for the Fortnite game updates. If you haven’t updated your game then make sure to do it. Sometimes game updates can also bring several bug fixes, stability improvements, multiple errors, etc. To do so:

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher > Click on Settings from the left pane.
  • Scroll to the Manage Games section > Enable the ‘Allow automatic updates’ checkbox.
  • This will automatically check for Fortnite game updates and install the updates on the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Finally, you should be able to fix Fortnite Takes Long Load Times or not.

3. Reboot Your PC

However, if the above methods don’t work for you, try rebooting the computer properly. A normal restart of the game and the PC can simply fix several glitches or temporary cache data issues.

4. Update Windows OS Build

Similarly, the chances are also high that your Windows OS build hasn’t updated yet. If you’re using an outdated Windows OS build then you may experience several errors, bugs, crashes, etc. To update your Windows:

  • Press Windows + I keys to open Windows Settings.
  • Click on Update & Security > Select Check for updates.
  • If there is an update available, it’ll automatically install the update.
  • Otherwise, you can click on Download & Install to do so.
  • Once done, make sure to restart your computer to apply changes.

5. Lower in-game Graphics Settings

If none of the methods worked for you, try lowering the in-game graphics settings to resolve the problem. Sometimes a higher graphics settings on an average PC configuration may also trigger performance-related issues.

Still, the problem persists? It’s better to keep waiting until the patch fix releases. You can periodically keep checking Task Manager for processes whenever the Fortnite game starts lagging or freezing occasionally.

You just need to wait until developers come up with a patch fix update for the Fortnite long loading time issue or delay issue properly.

Till then stay tuned for more info. You can comment below for additional queries.

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