Fix: TCL Smart TV Black Screen Problem

TCL Corporation is known for its affordable and feature-packed Android Smart TVs in the name of the TCL brand. TCL TVs offer better picture quality and additional features at cheaper price segments, including Google-certified Android TV OS. So, the user interface and experience feel good enough. However, electronic goods can have issues & TCL Smart TV users are no exception. Some users have reported that they’re facing TCL Smart TV Black Screen Problem.

Well, some online reports and surveys are claiming that TCL TVs are quite durable in terms of longevity and they can last up to seven years with heavy usage. It also depends on the brightness level and usage pattern whether your TV will last longer or not. With the normal usage and medium brightness settings, your TV may go well due to lesser stress on the backlight. However, that’s not the case with everyone and that might not happen every time.

Fix: TCL Smart TV Black Screen Problem

Fix: TCL Smart TV Black Screen Problem

As per multiple reports online, some unfortunate TCL Smart TV users are facing the black or blank screen issue after startup which is irritating a lot. Once users turn on the TV, they don’t see anything like the home screen or menu. Sometimes the audio may come out, sometimes not. Now, if you’re also facing this same issue then you can follow this troubleshooting guide completely to fix it. We’ve shared a few workarounds for you that should gonna help you out.

1. Check if the Status LED is ON

It’s highly recommended to check if the status LED indicator on your TCL Smart TV is turned ON or not. Whenever the TCL Smart TV is turned off or in standby mode, the LED indicator on the TV may show a white still light. Whereas the TV is turned on, the white LED indicator should be turned off or blinking continuously. To confirm it:

  • Point out the TCL remote control towards the smart TV and press the power button to check if the screen is working or not.
  • You should see the LED blink every time your press a button on the remote. If in case, you see the LED blink while pressing a button on the remote, you can head over to the next method.
    • If in case, the LED doesn’t blink on your TV that means either it’s not powered on or somehow it’s not responding to your remote command. To troubleshoot your remote control, you should visit this link.
  • If there is no LED indication appearing on your TCL smart TV that means it’s not receiving power or there may be a hardware-related issue.
    • You should check if the power cable is properly connected to the TV or not. Make sure to plug the power adapter into a good and working power outlet because low voltage can also trigger multiple issues.

2. Verify the Cable Connections

Make sure all external devices are properly plugged into the smart TV and inserted into the actual port. If required, you can unplug and reconnect the cables to the respective ports.

3. Restart the TV

You should also reboot the TV properly as a power cycle method to refresh the system glitch. Press the power button on your smart TV > Unplug the power cable from the TV > Wait for around 30 seconds and then plug back the power cable again > Turn on the TV to check for the issue again.

4. Factory Reset the TV

It’s highly recommended to perform a factory reset on the TCL Smart TV by following the steps below:

  • Use the TV remote control to visit the Android TV homepage > Press the up/down/right/left arrow buttons to navigate to the right top of the screen.
  • Press OK to enter into the Settings menu > Press the up/down arrow button on the remote to select Device Preferences.
  • Then press OK > Press the up/down arrow button on the remote to select Reset.
  • Press OK and wait for the factory reset process to be completed. It’ll restore your TV to its original factory settings.
  • It may take some time and wait for the TV to boot into the system again.
  • Once done, you’ll have to go through the initial setup process.

5. Contact Support

If none of the methods didn’t work for you and even after performing the factory reset on the TV, the display is still blank then you should contact TCL Support for further assistance. If your TV is under warranty then schedule the technician visit and service. If the TV is out of warranty, you can still ask a professional technician to fix the issue. However, you’ll need to pay the charges accordingly.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


  1. Helloe have a 65inch TCL 4k ultra hdrand my screen has gone black nut I can hear the movie behind it but black screen

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