Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Tier List

If you have been playing MMORPG for a long time, then you must be aware of the importance of choosing the best character at the start of the game. But for those who are unaware, once you have to send a character in MMORPG, it will become your main character for a long time. Additionally, the way you will be playing the game will also depend on that character’s skill and passives.

Guardians Of Cloudia is another famous MMORPG that works on the same concept mentioned above. Once you login into the, you will have to choose between five different classes. And considering the varieties featuring the game, the developers haven’t provided the logout option. Thus, the only way by which you can switch characters is by closing and relaunching the game, which is something that nobody prefers.

That said, below is the Guardians of Cloudia best class tier list so that it becomes easy for you to make an ideal decision in the game. So, without any further delay, let’s get straight into the topic.

Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Tier List

As mentioned, the best way by which we can switch characters is by relaunching that game. This feature clearly indicates that Guardians of Cloudia really doesn’t want you to switch characters in the middle of the game. Considering this, it’s very important to choose the right class in the game from the very beginning, not only in Guardians of Cloudia but MMORPG.

Nevertheless, let’s check out different classes in the game.



If you are more of a close combat guy, Rogue is the character for you. He is one of the strongest characters in the game and features powers like fast movements, crushing blows, swift attacks, and much more. All these powers are enough to end the fight within a few seconds. Plus, he is also an expert in making fools of anyone that comes in between his path.

Among all, one of the most important features of Rogue is its unmatchable speed. They use it to attack enemy groups without losing the pressure from any side. Thus, if you are looking for a fast character, someone that offers faster gameplay, then you should be aiming for Rogue. On the negative side, they can easily be damaged. Thus, we recommend you do not use the auto-combat feature, as it can cost you the fight.



Arches are another powerful character in the game. When it comes to power, the archers are not as strong as the Rogues. Still, they can cause enough damage using their upshot, which is fired from a distance. Archers take a safer approach, thus, making them not as strong as other characters in the game. They mainly prefer to perform most of the tasks on their own.

In a nutshell, archers are recommended to players who don’t want to engage in fights a lot. Plus, for those who want to deal considerable damage, but don’t want to learn about different complex classes that feature great fighting moves.



Mage is very much similar to Rogues but with the advantage of some magical powers. They are mainly known for dealing extraordinary damage with their magical powers. However, they have a similar drawback as that of Rouges, i.e. they are extremely fragile. To be more precise, being Mage, you will find yourself under a lot of pressure when dealing with enemies that are good at rushing and creating pressure from all sides.

Although Mage is very powerful, they lack the main power for which Rouges are famous, mobility. And because of this reason, they become a very easy target for enemies that possesses a better power. Mage’s are mainly useful when they are accompanied by other classes that can keep the enemies distracted while they destroy them with their powers.


Guardians of Cloudia

If you are one of the new players in Guardians of Cloudia, then Swordsman is something you can begin with. In fact, it is one of the most brilliant classes you can find in the game. We can easily absorb extreme pressure and punishment. However, it doesn’t mean that everything is just perfect about this class. They deal comparatively very less damage than other classes like Mage’s, Rouges, and Archers.

In a nutshell, if you are just starting off with the game, and don’t know which class, to begin with, Swordsman can be the go-to option.


Guardians of Cloudia

You must have noticed by now the job of each class is to deal damage to the enemies. However, Oracle is famous for something completely different. Instead of dealing damage, Oracle is known for healing the damage and acting as the best supporting member. On one hand, Swordsman is known for the best personal defense statistics. But on the other hand, they can easily be outnumbered on papers by Oracle because of their powerful healing and supporting ability which keeps their health full almost all the time.

Oracle deals zero damage, or it will be better to say that damage is almost nonexistent. However, they are one of the most important members of any group, as they will help in keeping other members alive while they are engaged in tough fights.

Final Words

This was all about Guardians of Cloudia’s best class tier list. Share your thoughts regarding the game in the comments. Moreover, let us know which is your favorite character in the game.

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