All Heists and Locations in Roblox Thief Simulator

Ever dreamt of living the life of a bank robber? Or maybe plan some lucrative heists just like the ones in the web series Money Heist? Well, if you ever have had a thought about that, now there’s a new way to do so where you will be playing the role of the classy Berlin or the aggressive Tokyo. Although not a real-life experience Robolox Thief Simulator is still one of the best adventure games that let you live the life of a robber.

Thief Simulator is comparatively a newer simulator in Roblox that has a lot to offer you. As a player, you will receive a Roblox guide containing the locations for heists and some tips to get the job done. Once you successfully plot these heists, you can later sell the goods in the game shop to earn a handsome amount of cash. Well, since it’s already starting to sound interesting, let us go ahead and learn more about all the heists and locations in Roblox Thief Simulator.

All Heists & Locations in Roblox Thief Simulator

All Heists & Locations in Roblox Thief Simulator

To begin with, Roblox Thief Simulator offers a total of 4 heists throughout the game. Each heist only gets more interesting and complicated than the previous one. However, as these heists do not stretch for days and only last for a minute or a couple, we suggest you put your hands on the heists after you reach a certain level.

Here are all the heists and their location in Roblox Thief Simulator:

1. Betting Store


Being the first heist on the list, Betting Store is the easiest heist in the Thief Simulator. It comes with a time limit of just 1 minute 38 seconds so you need to be very precise with your actions. Break into the Betting Store, avoid getting caught by the security lights, complete the loot, and leave the place before time runs out.

The location of the Betting Store is specified with a yellow circle on the Thief Simulator map. And you should start from there right away. Make sure you have completed at least 15 levels of the game before plotting for your first heist. The experience will help you a lot in completing the heists throughout the game.

2. Tech Store

All Heists & Locations in Roblox Thief Simulator

For the second heist, you have to loot a tech store. All you need to do is break into the tech store and collect all the accessories from there while you avoid the security lights. Although it sounds much simpler than the BETS heist, what makes it more challenging is the time limit. You will get a total of 51 seconds to complete this heist and run out of the place.

The location here is marked with a pink circle on the map. As you open the map locate towards the ‘Tech Tech Tech’ section in the northeastern part of the map and you can easily find your second heist.

3. Jewelry Store

All Heists & Locations in Roblox Thief Simulator

Appearing third on the list, the next heist is on a jewelry shop named Royal Ice. The location of the heist is placed on the northwestern part of the map and is marked with an orange circle. Compared to the second heist, this one, fortunately, gives you some extra time. You get a time limit of 1 minute 38 seconds to break into the Royal Ice jewelry store.

Hack into the power box and turn off the laser security system to get a safe passage. The next thing to do is collect all the jewelry and other items from the store and get out before time ends.

4. Bank

The last and probably the toughest heist on this list is the bank heist. As expected, it is the most complicated heist in the Roblox Thief Simulator. However, it does offer the maximum rewards compared to all the other heists.

Just like the previous one, here you get 1 minute 38 seconds to complete the heist. But you need to be very precise with every action as it adds much difficulty to your mission. Firstly, you need to break into the bank either from the front or from the back door. You can choose if you want to rob a vault or just rob the cashiers present in the bank.

Robbing the vault seems more beneficial as you will get a huge amount of cash. But again it is also a bit more difficult as you will have to enter from the front door and bring appropriate ammunition to blow all the vaults to get the money and gold bars.

The location of the heist is present in the western part of the map and is indicated with a black circle. You should go for the heist after completing at least 40 levels to gain enough experience for the heist.


Roblox Thief Simulator adds all sorts of experience as you go through each level and complete the heists one by one. It is so far one of the best Roblox adventure games that give you an out-of-the-box experience to live as a robber. The 4 heists add to a complete package of experience you gain through each level. The heist locations can be easily found on the map with the help of distinct indicators. Also, you can refer to the above information for easier access to the specific locations on the map. Let us know if this article has been helpful and feel free to comment below for further queries.

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