Fix: Modern Warfare 2 Camo Challenges Not Tracking

Are you facing Camo Challenges not tracking issues with Modern Warfare 2? If yes, then don’t worry you are not alone as many users are facing this. There are many reasons available for this problem. The problem could be due to software or hardware issues, internet connection issues, or other reasons. 

Modern Warfare 2 is the sixth instalment in the Call of the Duty Series. The game was published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward. Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter action-adventure game available on different platforms like PS4, Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and Classic macOS.

Since the game was released, it has received many positive reviews, and everyone enjoyed it. However, some users are facing issues with the game. They have reported that Camo’s challenge is not tracking due to which they are facing different issues. 

This guide is for you if you are facing the same issue and searching for a solution. In this guide, we will tell you how you can fix this issue. Make sure you follow all the methods to resolve the problem.

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How to Fix Camo Challenges Not Tracking Issue in Modern Warfare 2

1. Complete more than the required objective

The first method in our list is by completing more than the required objective. In this, suppose your objective is 10 mounted kills with a weapon, then instead of this get a few more by heading into a map. By doing so, you can resolve the issue, and also you can be rewarded with a camo at the end. 

2. Use of arrow keys

If you are playing Modern Warfare 2 on PC, then instead of using the mouse, you can use arrow keys to navigate through the challenges. There are different challenges available like the gold camo challenge which can’t be viewed by hovering your mouse over them. So, arrow keys are used to view the challenges and progress. 

3. Restart the game 

You can also try restarting the game to resolve the camo challenges glitches. To restart the game, you have to go back to the home screen and remove it from the recent apps, and then open the game. By doing so, the minor bugs in the game get fixed as the game restarts completely.

4. Update the game

The next method you can try to resolve the issue is by updating the game. The developers have solved various problems many users have faced in this game. After they fix these issues, they push the updates to resolve them for everyone. Therefore, you check timely whether any update is available or not. If available, update it, and your problem will be solved.

5. Restart the device

The next method in our list, which you can try to resolve your issue, is by restarting the device. Sometimes, there are bugs in the device due to which we face different issues. So, by restarting the device, all the background processes that were running without the necessity will be closed, and all the bugs will be fixed.

To resolve your problem, we will suggest you restart your device. Once the device starts, wait for some time and then open the game and check whether your problem is solved. 

6. Reinstall the game

The last and simplest method to resolve the issue is by reinstalling the game. By reinstalling the game, all the glitches in the game are fixed, and issues are solved. Some users who are facing the camo challenge issues have solved it through this method.

If all the above methods do not solve your issue, try reinstalling the game. After reinstalling the game, delete all its files from your device, and after some time, reinstall the game and then check whether your issue is solved or not. 


We hope that this article helped you in fixing the issue. If not, then try contacting Activision Support. As many users are facing, Camo challenges glitches, so the developers might be working on it to fix it. If you have solved this issue by any other method do share it with us in the comment section below.


  1. Hi. Gamertag is crzdkiller. I have been trying to get gold on my m13b assault rifle and I am stuck at 5 of 10 for gold challenge. Last gun I need in assault. Please help me fix this

  2. None of this worked!!!!!!!! For as much money as people spend on this game there should not be issues such as these.

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