How To Login to Multiple TikTok Accounts On Your Phone

Usually, people create multiple social media accounts for two reasons. Either they want a backup profile in case their primary profile becomes inaccessible due to hacking or any other such issue. The second reason is creating and linking a business account or managing it via a primary personal account. Creating separate accounts is allowed on almost all notable social media platforms. If you use TikTok, then also you can create multiple accounts in it.

In this guide, I will explain how to create multiple accounts on TikTok. The process is quite easy as TikTok allows various other social network platforms through which you can log in to Tiktok. Here I’m talking about login by linking the profile. Apart from this basic method of account creation is also there. I mean the one that requires to sign-up with an email ID and a few personal info. Let’s get into the details of this.


Why You Need Two or More TikTok Accounts On Your Phone

Having multiple TikTok accounts can be beneficial for several reasons. Here are a few:

  1. Separation of Personal and Professional Content: If you use TikTok for personal and professional reasons, having multiple accounts can help you separate your content. You can have one account for personal content and another for your professional content.
  2. Increased Reach: With multiple accounts, you can reach a larger audience by catering to different niches. For example, you can have one account for beauty-related content and another for fitness-related content.
  3. Privacy: You may want to keep certain aspects of your life private from certain people. Having multiple accounts can help you control who sees what content.
  4. Creative Expression: With multiple accounts, you can experiment with different types of content without disrupting the overall theme of your main account.
  5. Backup: If you lose access to one of your accounts, having a backup account can be helpful.

Overall, having multiple TikTok accounts can give you more control over your content and allow you to reach a wider audience while keeping your personal life private.

Login to Multiple TikTok Accounts On Your Phone

Before getting into the steps here are a few things you must have to smoothly operate multiple accounts on TikTok.


  • Multiple email IDs
  • More than one phone number
  • Minimum of Two Apple IDs
  • Accounts on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • More than one smartphone or tablet

Creating the Initial Account


This is easy and takes a few steps only.

  • Download the TikTok app to your device and install it
  • Open the app
  • As you are a new user you will be greeted with the option to Sign up for an account
  • You will get options to sign up using Gmail ID, Apple ID, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Choose the way which is convenient for you
  • Enter your birthdate
  • Then enter the email ID to which a confirmation link will be sent
  • Enter the email ID > set a password [try to use a strong password]
  • Complete the captcha challenge and get access to your TikTok account.

How to Create Multiple TikTok Account

Now, it’s time to create our second account

  • Open TikTok and access it
  • Tap on Me > then tap on your username [the primary account you created in the previous section]
  • Upon expanding, you should see an option Add Account. Tap on it.
  • Now, you have to sign-up again as we did previously.
  • You will see the same options of signing-up such as using Gmail, Apple ID, Twitter, etc.


  • Make sure not to use the same email ID or phone number, or social media profile you used to create the primary account. TikTok will not accept that. You need multiple email IDs(at least two) and phone number for running more than one TikTok accounts.
  • Also, it is wiser to create accounts using email IDs as you can easily create multiple email IDs using Gmail.
  • If you create multiple accounts on the same device such as smartphone/tab, then Tiktok will consider that as a business account. That’s why I mentioned you to have multiple devices(minimum of two) to handle two TikTok profiles separately.

Switch Between Various Accounts

Now, let’s check out how to switch between one account to another. This we can do from multiple devices provided we are already logged in. Otherwise, we have to enter credentials and log in first.

  • Launch TikTok app
  • Go to Me > tap on your account name [it will have a drop-down arrow symbol]
  • You will see the list of accounts you have on TikTok signed up through various channels
  • Tap on the account which you wish to access.

So, that’s how you can create and login to multiple TikTok accounts. If you are just a regular user without any business requirement then create accounts from different emails or devices. Try it out and in my opinion, two accounts will suffice. Also, it is better to manage.

Having a backup account is good if you have a lot of content or different kinds of content to share. In case, one account becomes inaccessible, you can manage the platform with the second account. I hope this guide was informative.

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