How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Unable to Access Online Services Error Puget-Altus

These days facing online connectivity problems in video games during playtime or when starting the game is the most common and most frustrating issue for gamers, and fixing it is more frustrating than facing it. Modern Warfare 2 Connection Failed Puget-Altus error is a common internet connection error. It occurs at the time of launching the game. This error is accompanied by a message that states:

Connection Failed

Unable to access online services.


Generally, it happens when your internet connection is way too slow to access the game properly. With that in mind, let’s see how you can fix the Modern Warfare 2 Connection Failed Puget-Altus error.

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1. Check your Internet connection

The first thing to do is always to check your internet connection. There are a few steps we recommend:

  • Terminate any other bandwidth-heavy applications to minimize the traffic on the network.
  • Swap to a wired connection if possible, as this will generally provide you with a more stable connection.
  • Restart your modem.
  • If you have the option, you could try switching to an alternative internet connection, such as a mobile hotspot. But ensure you have a strong mobile data connection and plenty of data.

2. Check the server status to fix Modern Warfare 2 Unable to Access Online Services Error Puget-Altus

Assuming the internet connection is well, the next thing to try is checking the server status for the game to see if the servers are working as they should. You can check the servers by visiting the Activision Online Services page. Alternatively, you can do that for the PSN here and Xbox Live here. If the servers are down for any reason, we can do nothing. Just wait and try again once the servers are back online.

Even if the servers are working, they may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of players trying to access the game. So, wait for a few minutes before relaunching the game. Also, try connecting during non-peak times to see if this helps.

So, that’s all for today. For more troubleshooting guides, follow GetDroidTips!

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