Fix: PS5 Controller Not Connecting to PC Bluetooth

Sony has a wide range of products, including smart TVs, speakers, smartphones, and Playstation. After six years, Sony has launched its next-gen gaming console, Playstation 5. PS5 has many exclusive features like up to 8K support, GB dedicated DDR6 RAM, 1TB SSD memory, etc. Also, the PS5 DualSense wireless Controller has immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, etc which makes the gameplay more enjoyable.

Sony PlayStation controllers are one of the best gaming controllers available in the market. Now sony enhances some of the features and the dual-tone color from its previous generation, providing a great gaming experience. The DualSense Controller is especially for the PS5 Console, but now you can connect it with your computer with Bluetooth. But the issue is the PS5 Controller not connecting to PC Bluetooth, and here are troubleshooting methods to connect and fix the problem.

Fix PS5 Controller Not Connecting to PC Bluetooth

Fix: PS5 Controller Not Connecting to PC Bluetooth

The Dualsense Controller has two ways of connectivity: through USB cable and Bluetooth. Although Windows does not support the PS5 Controller, you can connect the Controller to PC and play some games in Steam (a popular gaming platform for PC). But many games have not supported the Controller as it cannot recognize the device. The popular way to play games on a Computer is Keyboard, but the Controller enhances the gaming experience.

Furthermore, if you have difficulty connecting the PS5 controller to the PC through Bluetooth, there might be a reason that interrupts the connection to connect the devices. Like misconfiguration, that can be fixed by modifying the controller settings. Also, it is not simple as other gamepads or controllers like Xbox, which allow you to connect and play. The PS5 controller uses the generic dual input drivers to connect to the PC.

Reasons for PS5 Controller Not Connecting to PC Bluetooth

Before moving to the fixes, first, we have to check some basic reasons behind the non-connecting issue of the PS5 Controller to your system. Then, review each factor and check if you get any faults after resolving it. Try to connect it again to the computer and if you still have issues, follow the below methods to fix the problem.

Interference of the Bluetooth Signals – The most common issue is using multiple devices to connect via Bluetooth to our system, which may interrupt the newly connected device. Also, The PS5 Controller has wireless connectivity, and other devices may interrupt the signal. Check and disconnect other devices that you rarely use or not using anymore.

Low Battery of the Controller – Another factor that affects the PS5 Controller is the battery level. First, fully charge the Controller through the USB port and connect it again.

Incompatible drivers – Windows’s hardware needs the driver to connect with the system, and sometimes we install an incompatible driver version that does not recognize the hardware. Go to the system properties, check the Windows version, and then install the correct driver to check whether the issue is resolved.

Damage USB port and Wire – USB is one of the most useful parts of the system, and sometimes it may have any physical damage on the port that creates a problem connecting the device. However, we also have to take care of our connecting wires. So a broken wire and USB port is also causing the issue.

Method 1: Connect PS5 Controller With Different USB Cable

As we mentioned earlier, the basic issue is damaged or not working USB cable. So first, check that the USB cable is in working condition and has no torn wire or cut on the cable. And if you have any other USB cable, try to connect the controller with that to charge. Also, put the cable to another port to check whether it charges the controller.

Method 2: Reset PS5 Controller

One of the easiest methods is resetting the PS5 controller, which requires the SIM ejecting tool or any pin.

  • Flip the Controller and get to the backside.
  • Check for the small hole next to the Sony branding.

  • Now insert the Sim ejecting tool in the hole and press and hold it for 5 seconds to reset.
  • Then try to connect again with your system to check if it is working or not.

Method 3: Remove and Reconnect PS5 Controller

  • Go to the settings from the start menu and click on Devices and then Bluetooth devices.

  • Then go to the DualSense Controller, right-click on it, and select Remove from the menu.
  • After that, add a device and choose Bluetooth to connect the Controller.
    Fix: PS5 Controller Not Connecting to PC Bluetooth
  • Wait till it connects automatically.

Method 4: Set Up Again On Steam

If you are a Steam user or playing games on Steam through the controller, then set the PS5 controller to the Steam as it started to support dualSense controller. After connection establish you may play some other games apart from Steam.

  • Open the Steam app, log in with your credential, and go to the big picture mode from the top right corner.

  • Now click on the Settings icon and navigate to the controller settings.
    Fix: PS5 Controller Not Connecting to PC Bluetooth
  • Then scroll down to the Wireless controller settings from the menu.
  • After that, assign the buttons of the Controller and save the configuration.
    Fix: PS5 Controller Not Connecting to PC Bluetooth
  • Then exit the settings through the power button and start playing games through the Controller.
  • You can select the non-steam games from the library to play with the Controller.


Here is all about PS5 Controller is not connecting to PC Bluetooth with some quick solutions. Some users tried the above methods, and they managed to fix the issue. If you still have issues regarding the PC or the Controller, comment down below or visit our homepage to get the solution to all tech-related problems.

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