Download: PS5 Controller Drivers for Windows 11 and 10

Update September 23, 2023: We have added the latest download links for PS5 Controller drivers version 3.2.14, compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices. Playstation devices need extensive support for their controllers as they act as the interface to the game. However, all PS5 consoles have a driver CD, enough to use the controllers independently. But what if you want to use the same PS5 controllers on your Windows machine? PS5 controllers are one-of-a-kind peripheral devices that make the gameplay much better. Installing the latest PS5 drivers on your Windows PC lets you easily use these controllers.

The driver CD that comes with the Playstation console will not work on your Windows computer. However, some third-party drivers can help you connect your PS5 controllers to your Windows machine to take advantage of good gameplay.

Download PS5 Controller Drivers for Windows 11 and 10

Download: PS5 Controller Drivers for Windows 11 and 10

PS5 is a console device, and hence Sony has never released any official version of drivers for Windows. But there are some third-party compatible drivers which can help to connect your controller to your PC. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled controller, we recommend connecting it via Bluetooth. But if you wish to connect the controller via USB, you may download the below drivers.

PS5 Controller Drivers v3.2.14 (64Bit)

PS5 Controller Drivers 64Bit Download
PS5 Controller Drivers 32Bit Download

The drivers are available in both 32Bit and 64Bit architecture. Please install the correct architecture version for better compatibility and gameplay experience.

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How to Install PS5 Controller Drivers for Windows 11 and 10

After downloading the above drivers, open the setup and follow the onscreen instructions to install the drivers.

Once installation is complete, restart the computer and open the Steam client.

Connect your controller to the PC and go to Controller Settings.

You’ll see your PS5 controller will be listed as Wireless Controller.

Click Wireless Controller, and you can assign each button and save the configuration.

Note: If you’re using any other game client like Epic Games, then the configuration steps are similar.


Here is how you can download and install the latest version drivers for PlayStation 5 console controllers. Although these are not official drivers, these will work and give you a good gameplay experience. If the above drivers dont work with your PC, then we recommend you connect the controller directly to the Steam client via settings > controller options.

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