Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Play Between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox?

The fans of Rainbow Six Siege have been demanding about the cross-play feature be included in the game for a long time, but up till now, there has been little progress. So when the news started doing the rounds that Ubisoft is gearing up for a major overhaul for the Rainbow Six Siege and its transition to other platforms, the fans were excited that the cross-play feature will finally be included in the game.

But to their disappointment, the features included were not enough to bring much happiness to the Rainbow Six Siege community. Therefore, in order to understand will Rainbow Six Siege induce cross-play between PC, Playstation, and Xbox, keep reading.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Play Between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox?

Is Rainbow Six Siege cross-play between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox?

There are multiple platforms available to immerse oneself in the gaming world. But, to enjoy the game with friends or other players on different platforms, players have been demanding the cross-play feature for a long time.

To comply with the popular demand, gaming companies are increasingly featuring the cross-play feature in their games. Call of Duty: Black Ops, Rocket League, Cold War are all prime examples of the cross-play enabled games. It’s always more thrilling to share gameplay with other players, but the cross-play feature also helps to switch from console to PC or the other way around if a player owns both of them.

The answer is ‘NO,’ the Rainbow Six Siege does not allow cross-play between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game does have a cross-play feature now, but it comes with a twist. If you want to upgrade your Siege to a higher generation of consoles, you can do so without paying anything to Ubisoft.

But the cross-play feature will only work within the same family of consoles. In simple words, if you are on a PlayStation console, you can play with other siege players on PS4 or PS5 but not with the players on Xbox or PC. Similarly, Xbox players can team up or play against each other on different consoles of the Xbox platform, but they can’t lock horns with PlayStation or PC players.


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How to allow cross-play feature in Rainbow Six Siege?

To enable the cross-play, you have to link your Siege progression to Ubisoft connect. Once you do so, you will be able to have a cross-play between PS4 and PS5 consoles or between the Xbox series console.

  • You get a pop-up to link your Siege progression to Ubisoft connect, but you can do it yourself manually via a browser
  • First, log in to your Ubisoft account, then go to the account management section.
  •  Next, click on the logo of the platform that you use to play the Siege.
  • You will see a prompt from Ubisoft to log in to your console account to finish linking your progression.

That’s all then; the Rainbow Six Siege does allow cross-play but in a limited sense. It’s not as exciting as the true cross-play feature among all the console platforms; still, a cross-play among the same families of consoles does hype up the fun to a certain level.

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